7 Tips for Buying the Best Eco-Friendly Car

When embarking on your search for a new vehicle, looking at new car comparisons side by side can be an extensive research project in itself. Trying to figure out what makes green cars stand out can be even more of a challenge.

Advances in technology combined with several choices make choosing an eco-friendly car more challenging than picking from standard options that were very similar across brands just a few short years ago. You may also want to shop kits now for your cars!

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In this post, I will attempt to describe the most important aspects to your research when you are deciding to buy a green car. There are also several montreal companies that buy junk cars – Options and technology are rapidly changing in this area, so make sure to stay updated as new features become available even after this post has been written.

Fuel Economy

The most obvious thing you want to look for in a new car purchase is it’s fuel economy or gas mileage. There are several cars on the market that can get up to 40 mpg or more through the use of various technologies. Some newer cars utilize electric power almost exclusively to power the car’s engine. If you’re looking to learn how to disconnect car battery terminals safely, visit Standardbatteryinc.com for easy step-by-step directions.


Just because one car costs less than another doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better value. Value can be determined by a number of factors including gas mileage, battery usage, maintenance history of similar models and purchase price. Consider the combination of these to come up with the true value of the vehicle.

Low Emissions

A green car can run on electricity and still produce standard emissions on the road. The best eco-friendly cars run on alternative energy and release very low amounts of emissions into the environment. Make sure to look at emissions data when considering your green vehicle purchase.


Buying an eco-friendly car that breaks down doesn’t make any sense. Make sure that the green technology is tested and proven to be reliable and make sure to buy from brands that you trust for quality.


Make sure that the car you’re buying is not sacrificing safety for green technology. Greener cars may be produced to be lighter to consume less gas but could perform worse in a crash because of the fact that lighter metals are used in the frame. Also take into consideration the new no-fault auto insurance law if you are located in the area of Michigan.


It may not sound that important but the color of your car can determine how hot it gets. The hotter your car gets, the more energy you need to expend to cool it with your vehicle’s A/C system. The lighter the color, the better. Silver, white or light beige are the best choices to keep your car cool without using additional energy.

Manual vs. Automatic

If you can drive a stick shift and can find a car with this option, you should strongly consider it. Manual transmissions are more fuel efficient when it comes to gas mileage and also require fluid changes less often. Look for a nissan dealer and ask more about this.   Eco-friendly cars are becoming more common place in today’s world. Many manufacturers like AUDI are starting to include green technologies in all of their models. By reviewing these seven tips for selecting an eco-friendly car, you too can make sure that you find the best AUDI RS3 Lease Deals for you needs and your budget.

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