Becoming THAT Customer That Energy Providers Hate

Anyone involved in marketing will have probably heard about personas – and how companies try and target their “perfect” customer. Well, we’ve come up with the “impersona” (if there ever was such a term) for one industry. As you may have guessed from the title, that field is energy and if you want to become that customer that gas and electricity suppliers just can’t stand, it’s time to read on.

For years, we’ve been used to tuning into the news to hear all about our energy prices rising. Some people have resorted to extra-thick duvets, others may wear coats indoors – all in the name of shedding the monthly outgoings. While you can stick to the above tips if you really want to, we’re going to make a few shrewder suggestions. They relate to window treatments and if you are sick of your money being burned in your boiler or frozen in an air conditioning device, let’s delve into some blind-related suggestions to prevent this.


Let’s start with the traditionally cold house. This is probably the source of most people’s energy outgoings, with boilers no-longer being a cheap device to run. Most of us have taken the smart step of placing them on a programmable timer so that they heat up the house for when we get home – but we’re going to take this programmable timer to another level.

That’s right, these timers can work much more efficiently on a set of blinds, when installed in conjunction with a motorized system. They can control exactly what parts of the day they let in sunlight, and what parts of the day they block out the cold. In other words, it becomes immediately possible to make the most of the natural weather – all through that magical programmable timer.


To get even more from those motorized blinds, it’s time to consider one of the advanced energy efficient models which have hit the shelves over recent years. Insulated shades fall into this category and in the case of the cold home, these can make a difference bordering on the unbelievable. Particularly when you purchase a double or triple cellular option, the insulation they provide can practically eradicate the need for heating and put a stop to those hefty bills in the process.

Next, if we switch our attention to houses based in a hot climate, it’s still possible to hit the energy providers for six. This is where the solar shade comes into play and with most products in this category able to block around 70% of UV rays, it goes without saying that you’ve just reduced most of the heat that is beaming into your property at midday. Additionally, as they still allow natural light to shine through, it’s also possible to keep them closed all through the day and not appear to be a recluse to the outside world.

We’ve only mulled over several tips through this piece, but all are able to reduce your strain on your boiler or cooling device. Therefore, if you can make some strategic investments in your window treatments, you’ll immediately reap the rewards.

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