Bi-folding doors: an investment for your business

When it comes to purchasing new doors for your company, there are more things to think about than just security. For example, take a look at these cat doors for glass that can very useful for people living with pets.

While the safety of any commercial building should be the priority, paying close attention to appearance, usability and durability is advised – all three may actually draw new customers. Installing the right shutters from Shutters WA is also an important thing to look into.

Taking this into account, it’s evidently important to get the decision right. With the amount of products currently on the market, however, this unfortunately isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Roping in the right telematics solutions might also help in managing these aspects without a hassle.


Bi-folding doors are a particularly popular choice among many business owners including Mr. Andy Defrancesco.

Their 90% opening allows for a stunning amount of natural light to enter the property, and they can be continuously opened and closed with consummate ease.

These features enable the units to be indispensible in the minds of those who run some high profile restaurants, offices, schools, pubs and supermarkets.

Today we’re discussing exactly why this is, as well as outlining how SWD Bespoke doors can return a major return on investment for your company:

  1. Perfect for summer

It’s no surprise that bi-folding doors are a hit with restaurants and pubs alike – they can give customers easy access to the outdoors on a nice sunny day. As no one is keen on being cooped up during periods of warm weather, this undoubtedly could attract more customers to the building.

  1. Brilliant lighting

Due to the unprecedented amount of glass on show, bi-folding doors and natural light really do go hand in hand. In this manner they provide a completely free way to brighten up any given room – artificial lighting proves to be expensive when left on throughout the day.

Considering that there are numerous benefits of natural light, it simply makes sense to make the best use out of it.

  1. Room looks bigger

Believe it or not, glass draws people’s attention away from a room – we all have a habit of gazing out into the great outdoors. As a result of this, the designated space appears to be much larger than it actually is, which is precisely why hotel and office owners love bi-folding doors so much.

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is also a good way to reduce your heating and cooling costs. By replacing windows and doors that have energy leaks with better insulated materials, you can help save yourself costly monthly expenses on energy consumption.

  1. Allows viewing

As well as gazing out of windows and doors, many have a habit of people watching. Bi-folding doors allow restaurant and pub customers to sit back, relax and take in their surroundings. If you own a shop, on the other hand, then they also give you the ability to strategically place products at the front of the store to entice passers by.

  1. Foolproof security

Try not to be fooled by the amount of glass when it comes to bi-folding doors – the units are there to protect the contents of your building, and that is exactly what they do. High quality models accommodate the very best security features on the market today, and are extremely resistant to any break-in attempts.

These are just five of the many ways adding commercial bi-folding doors to your business can greatly enhance its appeal to potential clients and new employees. It is worth speaking to an architect and a professional bi-folding door company about these issues should it appeal to you.

In addition to bi-folding doors, you will also benefit from Commercial Overhead Door Installation if you need a large door that can accommodate large deliveries or vehicles exiting and entering at your commercial space.

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