Clever and smart interior decoration tips that helps brighten up your rooms

Interior designers often employ small tricks which are cost effective and which also requires the minimum effort. There are times when the smallest thing will have the largest impact on the look of your home. That could be a painting, a mirror, a lamp or even a new coat of paint. You might wish to soften down your walls and add some warmth to your living space. You may take a look at the below mentioned smart interior designing tips from a professional Townhouse Interior Design Services specialist, which can help you make your room brighter and help you put it on sale with the services of The House Guys.


Irrespective of whether you’ve just moved into a new house or you’re looking for a quick home, remember that the best interior decoration tips are the most important part of your home. With the surging home prices and the plummeting wages of the consumers, not many are being able to purchase big homes with abundant facilities. When their pockets are tight, they settle down with smaller homes despite having dreamt of living in large, luxurious homes. When you enter a new home, you want it to look exactly like what you had dreamt of, and to realize your dream, you need the assistance of interior designers and their professional tips and advice. Click here to learn more about the Peninsula Mobile Screens, which can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your new space.

  • Paint the smaller rooms in soft colors: There are ways in which you can maximize a small living space but what are they? A room of a small size will always have a tendency to seem to be cramped but the huge windows, the light colored walls and the abundant use of mirrors at the right place can reflect the light that comes in from the doors and offer an optical illusion of more space, thereby making the room look larger. On the other hand, using darker colors will make the room appear smaller and hence it is anytime better to use lighter shades for all those smaller sized rooms.
  • Utilize decoration mirrors: As you must have seen in many pictures, you can also use decorative pieces of mirrors in order to make a small space look larger. For all those large rooms or the rooms which have enough natural light coming in, you can cleverly place mirrors directly across the windows so that it can add instant light to the room. Instead of hanging a piece of art, you can add mirrors in the walls that are lying empty. Both small and large mirrors add dimension and light to your living room, another thing that can help is using paintings and murals, and the use of designs from muraledesign can help with this.
  • Mix and match textures and patterns: It’s never a mistake to place family heirlooms beside a modern sofa set. If you seek advice from the interior decorators, they all will tell you that the way you decorate your room tells you about who you are, what your style is and what your personality reflects. The antique desk of your grandfather tells a story of your past and the modern couch that you had fallen in love with also tells a different story. Hence, you can mix and match fabrics with different patterns and colors in order to bring texture and warmth to your living room.
  • Substitute artificial light for natural light: Did you know that substituting artificial light for natural light can also play a vital role in making your room feel brighter? Why would you only rely on a single overhead light when you have the option of adding numerous other lights here and the? You can place table and floor lamps through a room for balanced lighting and designers are of the opinion that lamps with lighter shades are better for living rooms. Light therapy can start to improve symptoms within just a few days. In some cases, though, it can take two or more weeks. According to Circadian optics light therapy usually works best in the morning, mimicking the sun’s natural cycle. Sessions can vary from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the light’s intensity, though most people begin with shorter intervals and work their way up.
  • Allow a pot holder to hang in your kitchen: According to kitchens are the place where the heart of a woman lies and hence they’re meant to be inviting and warm. Women usually spend enough time preparing meals or serving meals. If you allow a pot holder to hang in your kitchen, this will add to the elegance of your kitchen. A kitchen should give the impression that they’re always in use and when you hang a pot rack, it will definitely make you feel in this way. Apart from this, it will also make your kitchen look freed up.
  • Join the green revolution: How about adding more plants to your living and dining space? Add greenery to every room, whether they’re small or large, many or few. Plants are the most cost-effective way of accessorizing a space and adding to its texture and color. Adding plants can help you regain the balance between your room temperature and humidity.

Hence, if you’ve bought a new home and you want to spruce up the look of your home, you should take the above mentioned tips and some nursery stickers for walls into account. If needed, you may even get help from an interior designer who can help you with professional ideas.

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