Creating an eco-friendly home

Unless you have the money and time to design and build an eco-friendly home worthy of being featured on Grand Designs, the likelihood is that your home itself is probably not the most environmentally friendly building there is. Although there may not be much you can do to improve the build of your home, you can ensure the kit you use to decorate is either eco-friendly, sustainable, or recycled to improve the impact your home has on the environment. One example is using LED Stripe Lamps, which consume less energy and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient home.

Choose sustainably sourced furniture

Deforestation is a huge factor in climate change and global warming. Forests act as a carbon sink, so cutting down trees reduces the earth’s ability to absorb carbon from the air. Choosing furniture which is from sustainable and responsibly managed forests, such as those accredited by the Forest Certification Schemes, means you can buy wooden furniture without contributing to mass deforestation.

Upcycle furniture

If you don’t want to pay out for new furniture, recycling old furniture is a good way of reducing your carbon footprint. Not only does it prevent old furniture from going in the landfill, it reduces the amount of CO2 needed to make and transport new furniture. You can get old furniture from charity shops, free sites like Gumtree, or even free from skips and refinish and paint the surface to make it look brand new.

Decorate with eco-friendly paint

Traditionally, the quality of eco-friendly paint has been debatable, making it an undesirable choice for decoration. Times have changed, however, meaning you can now use eco-friendly paint without sacrificing on quality. AURO have a great range of eco-friendly paint which are made from organic linseed oil, plant and mineral pigments, and chalk which are able to be composted if you have any leftover, making it perfect for both the house and garden. Visit if you’re looking for a reputable painting service.

The exterior part of your home is just as important as your interior. Hiring a reliable exterior painter can definitely set your house apart from the neighborhood.

Use eco-friendly lighting

Traditional, non-eco-friendly light bulbs use more energy creating heat than light, making them an inefficient way of lighting your home. Using eco friendly bulbs, such as halogen lamps, not only reduces your electricity bill but reduces your carbon output from wasted heat. Check out this eco-friendy lighting solution guide for help on which to choose.

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