Easy And Cheap Ways To Revamp And Revitalise Your Home

Some ideas on ways to redecorate rooms without spending too much money or putting in lots of work.

Redecorating rooms in your house can be fun and a great way to brighten up the space. However, it can be a lot of hard work if you do it yourself, as well as expensive to buy all the materials you need for a full makeover of a room. Hiring the Best remodeling contractor in st paul Mn. can help you finish the project much faster. There are also a variety of ways to give rooms in your house a new look without spending a lot of money or putting in a whole lot of time and effort. You can also upgrade the look of the exterior of your home sweet home, learn more about it here.

Do Half A Job
A quick way to give a room a new look is to add a feature wall. This can be done with paint or wallpaper, just choose one wall in a room and paint it in a colour that contrasts with the other walls or paper it with a bold print that picks up the colour of the rest of the room. Peel and stick wall murals are a quick room makeover solution.

You can also add cushions, throws, vases or other accessories in the same colours as your feature wall to tie the whole thing together. This is a quick and effective way to totally change the look of a living room or bedroom. The same idea can be applied to a kitchen or bathroom; changing the worktop to a tristone worktop from Seamless Worktops or painting the cupboard doors can update the style of a kitchen without costing a lot, even just changing the handles can make a huge difference. Find out the kitchen renovation cost here first before proceeding with your renovation plans. To save you the hassle in updating your kitchen, you can seek professional help from Kitchen Designers North London because they have the knowledge and tools necessary to beautify it.

Get Creative
Everyone has some kind of creative talent and this can be put to good use to update the ddcor in your house. If you are handy with a paint brush then you can create a Murale Design on a wall or part of a wall; just keep it quite simple and use colours that go with the rest of the room. Kitchen cupboards can be updated with a lick of paint and you can create a unique look with special effect paints that come in stipple effects and other patterns, or draw flowers or other things on a few doors or even worktops for a one of a kind design. If you are not that artistic then try a stencil to put patterns onto doors or walls; you can buy them or make them yourself and add patterns or pictures to a section of wall or doors, for a subtle effect use a paint that only differs from the background colour by a few shades or use a contrasting colour for a bold look. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy your backyard more and protect your outdoor furniture, you should consider getting exterior roll down shades installed in your patio by professionals.

There are plenty of easy ways to brighten up the look of your house without spending a lot of money or putting in a lot of effort. Use your imagination and get creative; add splashes of colour or feature items, change a single wall or update the kitchen with new thermoelectric wine coolers. Brightening up a room is a good way to lift the spirits of all who use it as well, so free your imagination and get to work.

Molly Turner is an interior designer who writes for style magazines and websites. She has recently revamped her kitchen with new worktops and repainted cupboard doors and is planning to make over her living room with a feature wall.

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