Five Cool Window Treatment Ideas That Are Completely Unexpected

When it comes to the windows in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them clean. You might even call a commercial window cleaning service every so often in order to make them look brand-new again. The second thing you might think of is how you are going to decorate your window, and how you will give yourself the option of some privacy as well.

When it’s time to decorate your home windows with window treatments, you probably think of mini blinds for simple exterior window remodeling. If you know a few things about the wide world of blinds, you may even think of honeycomb shades or roman shades. But, that doesn’t mean you should box yourself into just a few options because they’re the most common! There are lots more you could do like commercial window tinting

Here are five cool window treatment ideas that will set your interior spaces apart from everyone else’s.

Plantation Shutters

When most people think of shutters, they think about shutters that are installed on the outside of the home. Well, plantation shutters can be installed inside too!

Not only can the slats of the shutters be adjusted to let a little light in, the shutters themselves can swing open, allowing you to open the window and let in some fresh air, find out details here. They can be ordered in many different colors and wood finishes. The right shutters can even increase the value of your home. Rolling Shutters Installation increases the overall appearance of your home.

Decorative Window Film

Who said you have to hang anything at all? If you are going for a less-is-more approach, consider decorative window film instead this can be install with window cleaning ladders.

Window film is extremely easy to install. It’s basically a giant sticker for your window. There are many decorative options that include:

  • Opaque films that increase privacy
  • Films that mimic the look of stained glass
  • Solid color window films
  • Seasonal window films
  • And more

Room Dividers

Window film is a great way to enhance your windows without traditional window treatments, but what if you want to block light from the window without doing anything to the window at all? Make your window inquiries with J Younghans & Sons company and get new ones installed soon.

Room dividers are a great way to block some sunlight while allowing some filtered light to enter a space, although if you don’t want light, you can also use blinds for this as there are sites like that offer some great options for this. They can be highly decorative by featuring artwork, which is something traditional window coverings can’t do. They are especially striking behind a TV stand or a couch.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is all the rage, so it should come as no surprise that people are learning how to make barn style blackout shutters out of old wood.

This is definitely the most involved window treatment idea on the list because it requires a little skill with a hammer and nails. However, once completed, reclaimed wooden window treatments can provide your home with a trendy, cozy feel.

Sliding Blinds

Traditional blinds move up and down. Vertical blinds run on a track. What if you could combine the best of both?

Window shades look a little bit more like roller shades or solar shades, but instead of being pulled up or down, they slide side to side. This type of custom blinds looks especially striking on a large window or a sliding glass door, especially if you choose an unexpected pattern or a bold color.

Don’t get stuck installing mini blinds in your home when you can personalize your interior spaces with blinds that match your personality! Put in a little time and effort and you can find a cool custom glass repair window treatment for every single room in your home.


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