Five Ways you can Make your Business More Eco-friendly

There are many positive reasons for making your business more eco-friendly. First of all there’s the fact that you’ll be doing your part to help in the fight to protect the planet against climate change. Secondly, you can make your business more appealing to investors like Andy Defrancesco, prospective clients and potential new employees by demonstrating these positive values. Finally, going green can help your business save money by cutting down on its consumption of energy.

So if you’re wondering how you can realise these positives, in this post you’ll find five ways you can make your business more eco-friendly.

#1 Make Little Changes

By implementing lots of little changes you can make a big difference to how much energy you use. One option is to invest in energy saving tech and accessories ranging from low-voltage lightbulbs, powered by motion sensors. Also setting up your computers and machines to hibernate when they’re not in use works well as it means far less electricity is being used. Other things to try are to use biodegradable products for soaps and cleaning, as these are better for the environment. Some companies have also opted to use data center decommissioning tactics. You can also visit this online office supply store for options. 

#2 Introduce Recycling

Along with the above, you can set up comprehensive recycling programs in your workplace. This covers everything from the paper you use, to food waste; equally you might want to consider buying second-hand or reclaimed goods to furnish your offices.

#3 Use Greener Vehicles

Using more eco-friendly vehicles is not only the greener option, you can also get your business in line with emissions targets and it’s a positive advert to your current and prospective clients. You can find some useful suggestions on the best cars to buy here in this post from ExchangeandMart.

#4 Have a Green Space

A simple and effective way to make your businesses greener is to literally make it greener by having a greener interior design. Depending on the amount of space you have available you could place a few house plants and comfy seating in one area to create a dedicated ‘green space’. This can bring a fresh and natural feel to your business and your staff will appreciate having somewhere to relax. If you run a healthcare business, you will need to find an expert on health clinic interior design.

#5 Encourage your Staff

On the subject of your staff, you should encourage them to follow through with these energy saving practices and recycling programs and praise the employees who make an effort to be greener. Naturally, if you are in charge you should be doing all this too, while also you should take care of the payments for your employees using resources like this pay stub generator that is a great tool for this.

So follow these simple tips and soon you could begin to see a big difference. You may well see an increase in profits from lower energy bills and the extra clients you get by showing you’re a company that cares about the planet.

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