How to create an eco-living room

Does your living room sputter more smoke than an aging locomotive? Do you feel like an elderly asthmatic whenever you breathe in its odour? Does your settee have the toxicity of a nuclear power plant?

Yeah, it’s time to make your living room green.

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues (the watershed moment, An Inconvenient Truth, was eight years ago already), homeowners want a more eco-friendly living room which is why we recommend to use eco friendly pest control products form to get rid of ants and bugs.

So, how can you make your front room an eco-paradise?

Goods built to last

It’s tempting to look to the cheapest products to populate your home and be done with it. But, as with most budget prices, quality will decline quickly – and with it, you’ll waste cash and material on new furniture. As for wall decor, you can transform your space effortlessly with large peel-and-stick wall murals. They provide a simple yet striking way to enhance your home’s ambiance and style.

In the seating department, find a few high-quality fabric recliners to dot around your room for durable materials and added comfort. For high-quality tables and shelving, make the most of recycled woods and hard surfaces for furniture with more longevity than your crummy flat pack furniture nightmares.

Plant life

There’s a lot to be cherished in something as simple as the humble pot plant – especially in the environment stakes.

Let’s start with how much extra oxygen you’ll gain from a bit of greenery. Thanks to a process known as photosynthesis, plants will essentially “breathe in” carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen by the time it “breathes out”.

They’re the ultimate weapon in air purification, and they’ll brighten up any room. You don’t want a claustrophobic greenhouse in your front room, but a few strategically placed plants will never fail to make your home more eco-friendly.

To keep your home free of mosquitoes you can hire an expert mosquito control specialist. They will be able to employ a mosquito misting system to get rid of the mosquitoes so make sure to contact a mosquito service.

Glazed over

As cold creeps in and out of your home, you’ll inevitably shove your radiators on full-blast and be done with it. But you can cut down on those pesky heating bills with the right kind of glazing and insulation.

Why go for double glazing, for instance, when you can have triple? For just a few extra quid, your glazing can be retaining far more heat. While it might seem like a lot of cash, it’ll save you money on heating bills in the long run.

As for making the most of your heating when it’s on, place a reflective surface (like tinfoil) behind your radiators. That way, they’ll reflect heat away from your walls and back into your room.

You won’t just be toasty – you’ll be eco-friendly, too.

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