How To Create An Extra Room In Your House

Making an extension for the house can be a costly and inconvenient affair. Aside from the financial costs entailed for the construction of the house, you’ll also have to fork up some cash to paint or wallpaper it, furnish it with furniture, and design its interior. Not only that, you’ll have to get a construction permit before you start building or demolishing a wall. However, here are easy ways how you can make an extra room in your house without bleeding your pockets.


The basement need not just be the room to do your laundry in or store random old items in. Make use of the space by clearing up the clutter and making a room instead. Paint the walls and update the basement finishing for a new feel. Clean out the ventilation and clear the space enough to install a bed or a convertible couch. Install an egress window to let more natural light in. It is perfect for a media room or games room for your friends to hang out in. In addition, if you are into SCUF Gaming, you might want to browse around here about the latest news and updates on your favorite gaming headset and accessories. The concrete walls will create awesome acoustics perfect for watching movies or playing video games, just make sure to hire a basement waterproofing company to prevent any water damage.

Add a division

Konservatory blog writes that you should consider that you might have a bigger room that can accommodate another bed. Use this to your advantage. Proper arrangement can free up space for two rooms instead of just one. Take two beds and place them head to head. Make a wall partition and position it between the beds. You can use cheap plywood as divider. Make enough space to walk around the beds. Utilize side tables or shelves as storage options for both rooms. You can also utilize heavy curtains as dividers, or foldable dividers that can be found in furniture stores.


Convert the attic into an extra room, check out the home addition contractors in orange county. Clear up the storage boxes. Donate some of the things you no longer use, or put up a garage sale to dispose of them. Throw away the trash to free up space. Place the bed where there is ventilation. To provide some privacy, hang some tenting material such as a big sheet of white cloth to fall on either side of the bed.

Blank spaces

You may create new rooms from otherwise blank spaces. You can use the underside of the stairs as a makeshift storage room, or even a home office complete with small desk and some storage shelves on either side. Utilize an unused corner by putting in dividers, making a small home-office or small library. To convert any small room such as a closet or laundry area into a bedroom, use convertible couches as a bed and just provide a small table or dresser as storage area.

Permanent changes

To create an extra room without extending the floor area of the house itself, you can break a wall dividing two large rooms. From these two rooms, you can create three smaller rooms. However, if you must make permanent changes to the house, do so with the necessary permit from the city committee or the community committee that handles these kinds of things. Once all the necessary permits are done, notify the neighbors so they can prepare for the noise and disturbance that may be occasioned by construction equipment.

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