How to Hang a Garden Gate

There is something gratifying about carrying out DIY tasks. Some jobs, like painting, are easier but others, like hanging a garden gate, can be a little more difficult. There are various varieties of hinges and latches that differ depending on the type of garden gate you have chosen. There are metal, large double door, and standard timber security gates, or for those of us who are eco-minded, you can use your own hands to create a repurposed and upcycled gate from unwanted items.

Here is how to hang your garden gate.

Gate Posts

Your gate will require the support of strong and sturdy posts if you are planning on having a chain link fence. You can ask around for the best fence installer in your neighborhood. If you are replacing your existing gate, make sure to choose a gate that is the same size, as you can use the existing posts. However, if you are installing a standalone gate (positioned within an archway or next to a brick wall), you will need to put in posts. Measure the gate and position posts at the correct points, then fix them into the ground using concrete. You can also install an automatic gate opener if you want the convenience of not having to physically open the gate in order to gain entry in your home, since gates can be make with different materials including metal, for this is better to get professionals as metal fabricators london to get the right materials for this. Also, once you have the gate ready, you can go online for the best automatic gate opener and visit

Types of Hinges

There are different types of hinges that are suitable for certain types of gate. For example, there are specialist hinges if you desire a self-closing gate, or others for a gate that can open in both directions. However, for a standard wooden garden gate, choose timber hinges that affix to the back and allow the gate to open inwards. Barrier Components offer a wide range of hinges.

Hang Your Gate

Before you start, check that you have the gate positioned the correct way around. Gates often have supporting timber to the back which should face inwards. Now, time to hang your gate!

  1. Firstly, fix the hinges to your gate.
  2. Position the gate between the two posts and raise from the ground using bricks or a few pieces of wood. This will ensure that the gate stays at the correct height. Make sure the gate is central and level – no one wants a wonky gate!
  3. Use a pencil to mark where the hinges will go on the post. Screw in the hinges, leaving a little slack and tighten when all are in place.
  4. Place the latch in the desired position, then simply screw onto the gate and post.
  5. Finally remove the wedges from underneath. Test the gate and latch and check that the gate swings freely and smoothly. Make any adjustments if necessary.

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