Air Conditioning Alternatives to Keep Your Home Cool

Many people install air conditioning systems inside the buildings because they like to feel comfortable in the cool air for the whole day. However, since they can consume a lot of electricity, many people are looking for alternative solutions, but by maintaining the system with a regular ac repair it can stay working brand new. According to Bulldog Air Conditioning & Heating – ac repair service, there are several AC alternatives you can consider for the sake of your health, the environment and to cut cost in your energy bills.


Use a Table Fan

Fan is a good alternative to air conditioner since it only consumes a little electricity bills. You can invest in a high quality table or standing fan that can blow big wind. If you want some ice cool wind feeling, you can get a cooler instead. Cooler is like a fan but some models allow you to add ice cubes into a tray to create coolness in the air. Sometimes, even when you have fan to use, you will be tempted to turn on your air conditioner in summers and heater in winters, since sometimes the weather is really cold. We also found a great web site in the UK for heaters so check that out if you want to find the best heater for you in the UK.


To avoid switching on your air conditioner, you can sell it to someone else or contact AC Repair Service in Kelowna BC for maintenance. You can create a bill of sale for the buyer who decides to buy your second hand air conditioning unit.

If you don’t know about writing a bill of sale, you can use the free template available in the PDF editor software. The bill of sale in the PDF editor is prewritten, meaning you only have to fill out the key information about the transaction of second hand AC unit you are selling and putting down your signature to validate the document.


Open the Windows to Let the Wind Blows In

Sometimes, all you need to do is to open the windows in the room and let the winter enter. Opening window and glass sliding door in the house enable cool air to circulate in the house. It feels especially cold with the vinyl windows opened when it is raining outside. If the sun keeps shining in and you feel hot, you can close it with a curtain but leave the window opened.


Use Cool Materials in Your House

Some types of materials can make the house feel cooler, for example, marble furniture and tile flooring can make the house. On the other hand, wood furniture and carpet flooring will make the house feel warmer, but make sure to have the carpets cleaned periodically from Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Louisville as it can house a lot of microorganisms which will be harmful to you. You must know how to balance the materials of the furniture, for example, don’t have too many materials that are made from wood in the house.

Opting for tiles to make your house feel cooler is a great cost-saver because of its affordability. If you’re looking for tiles that suit your style, you can rely on the products offered by this tile dealer.


Drink a Lot of Water 

Drinking lots of water will help your body to feel cool during a hot day. The water can fight with the heat that is absorbed into your body when you walk under the hot sun. Drinking cold beverage can also help to cool down the temperature in your body.


Install Awnings on Your Windows

Installing awnings over your windows can prevent the sun from entering through the windows directly, find out more at the link. On the windows, you can apply a layer of UV coating to prevent the UV ray from entering. Plants can cool down the atmosphere. If you walk over a grass field on a hot sunny day, you will feel cooler, and if there’s too much light you can always get Plantation Shutters for your windows which can help your rooms a lot. So, you should consider growing some plants, and trees in your garden to absorb some of the sun heat.

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