How to select the Right Waterproofed Laminate Floor

Laminate floors are the best alternative to hardwood floors. Their popularity can be attributed to their durable nature. Laminate floors are also affordable and easy to clean. The most sought-after floor is the waterproofed laminate floor, most people tend to switch to it after having to recover from a long water damage restoration. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it’s advisable to consider this type of floor. But if you’re remodeling your garage, it’s better to get high-quality Garage Epoxy Flooring. A quality hardwood floor can increase the value of your home. However, dents and scratches in the wood from heavy furniture or objects will devalue the beauty of your floors and can even create a trip hazard. For this reason, it is essential that you choose the best hardwood flooring refinisher near you to repair these damages so that you can maintain the value of your home.

There are various kinds of waterproof laminate flooring you can order at Here are some factors to consider when selecting the right laminate floor.


There are several companies manufacturing laminate floors. Generally, the manufacturing process, technology, and material used determine the quality of the floor. This is one factor most buyers ignore, so getting the right materials for timber floors is essential, and having providers from can help with this a lot. To determine the quality of laminate floors, check on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ratings. These two ratings certify that the product is of high quality and environmental friendly.


Laminate floors differ in thickness about which you can find more information here. They are available in 12mm, 10mm, 8mm and 7mm thicknesses. Although the material used defines quality, the thickness is a factor that also determines the quality and durability of a floor. Thicker floors, for instance, are not affected by warping issues and uneven subfloor spots. Thicker boards are also sound-proof which reduces noise.

Abrasive class (AC) rating

Laminate floors are manufactured in different classes. The rating is determined by resistance to wear. This rating can also serve as a pointer to the floor’s ability to resist moisture, impact, burns, and stains. As a buyer, you should always be keen to check the AC rating. For a more durable and perfect laminate floor, choose a board with a higher AC rating. Here is a helpful guide to AC ratings.

  • AC 1 – Recommended for rooms with less traffic, for instance, bedrooms

  • AC 2 – Can withstand medium traffic. This rating is perfect for living and dining rooms

  • AC 3 – They are designed for moderate commercial /heavy residential use

  • AC 4 – Recommended for all traffic areas and general commercial use

  • AC 5 – Is perfect for heavy commercial use


Unlike true hardwood floors, laminate floors are available in various textures. These floors have the hardwood-look but in different textures. The textures include embossed, embossed in registered (EIR), hand-scraped and high gloss. Choose a texture that will fit your place of installation. If you are interested in an epoxy flooring installation, you should consult with professionals who will give you your money’s worth. Epoxy Pro offer excellent customer service and quality work.

Design and style

Finally, laminate floors are available at dallas flooring in various designs and styles. Find laminate floors that complement countertops, cabinets or bathroom walls.

Unlike the traditional laminate floors, modern waterproofed laminate floors are engineered to deliver a strong, durable and unique wooden-like floor., in case you need wooden materials for a project like this one, check this reclaimed wood Denver website. For the best laminate floors, make sure that you buy from the best manufacturers or suppliers in the UK. Remodel your home at an affordable cost by selecting one of the unique types of laminate floors.

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