New Homebuyers: Don’t Skip the Inspection!

Some of you are going to read that headline and think who would ever skip a home inspection before they buy? Well, the fact it, some people do. I remember being in the situation myself. My wife and I were young. We had never owned a home before. And most of all, we had no extra money to spare for any purpose. The home inspection seemed like a potentially unnecessary expense. After all, the house was previously occupied. It was an amazon tiny house and we were able to look at it ourselves from top to bottom. And surely we could batch most of the stuff that a home inspector would find by ourselves, right?


Wrong. We ended up buying that little house, and getting a Home Inspection All Star to perform the task. From the start, we knew we were dealing with a professional. As soon as we met our inspector at the front door, he was pointing out that the measurement of our front steps were not up to code, and could be a danger. At that moment, I was glad we had him aboard.

From there, our house inspector covered a lot of ground. I won’t bore you with all of the details. But he managed to catch electrical problems, leaks, poor construction standards from decades prior, and (most importantly) plumbing mistakes. You see, our home’s main drain exited the house through the basement foundation wall – a pipe going through pure concrete. It had been there for many years, and the main pipe was a giant piece of corroded copper. We had observed it on several occasions before. But neither of us had noticed the slow drip of…fluid…that ran from a crack in the pipe down the foundation wall.

That fluid was anything that got washed down a drain in our entire house. And it was running down our wall. What’s worse, the crack was only going to grow and grow. Our real estate agent immediately called the bank and insisted that they fix this before we closed on the sale. They agreed and performed perhaps $10,000 of work in 2 days. They had to open up the foundation wall, carry pipe underneath our back yard to where it met the city piping, reinforce the foundation, and rebuild everything until it was better than it had been in the first place.

The drain pipe was the only major problem we found in the whole house. Our house inspection didn’t yield any other huge surprises, certainly nothing we didn’t sort of know about already. But it did catch the big one, the one which would have sunk is financially just after buying a new house. If your home inspection does come back with other major problems, such as a leaky roof, be sure to use a reliable contractor such as Seneca Creek Home Improvement.So this is the reason I always tell new homebuyers (and homebuyers in general) to get the inspection! It’s not legally mandated that you do so. But it could save you a load of money, all for a minimal investment.

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