Planning a Conservatory? Make Sure it’s a Green One

There are so many good reasons to think about adding a new conservatory to the home, and these days it won’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do so. Such an addition will add a touch of class to any house, and will provide some much-needed extra space in which to live. This is especially true for parents of expanding families.

For many men and women, the creation of what is effectively another room in the house has to be tempered with a desire to be greener. We have all become more aware of the need to be much kinder to the environment, and as such we are often reluctant to make a change which may prove to be more of a harm than it is a help.

There are many ways to ensure a new conservatory remains green, however, so there is no need to feel guilty if you intend to incorporate such measures. First and foremost, attention needs to be paid to the glass that is being used. Top quality double glazing is a must-have, in order to keep as much heat inside as possible.

No need to worry about the heating when the summer is here

During the warmer months of summer, the heating that is being used will not be an issue for most of us. A glass conservatory will usually be very warm thanks to the heat from the sun, and even at night when the temperature drops it may be possible to maintain an ambient warmth that is perfect for playing host to family and friends.

Improved thermal insulation, even during the cold months of winter, can be achieved via solar control roofs. Visit for more Eco-Friendly Home Insulation Solutions. The key for home owners who are thinking about a brand new conservatory is the ability to keep as much heat in as possible, so the materials that are being used will make a huge difference. In a way, you just need common sense.

The problem for most people is that the conservatory will, by its very nature, remain as close to the cold outside as it is to the warm inside. In the colder weather, it’s a good idea to drape a heavy rug across the floor in order to keep the heat in. You can call Fast HVAC contractor to fix the heater during colder months. When you sit in such a room in the winter, you often tend to get cold from the feet upwards.

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