Seven Items to Have In Your Family’s Emergency Kit

Every family will experience an emergency of some type. Preparing for that moment reduces stress and allows families to remain safe. A good emergency kit contains items that are useful and easy to transport in a variety of situations. If your family is without an emergency kit, do not worry. It is easy to get started. Here are seven items to put in your family’s emergency kit, and you can add more if you like.

Phone numbers for emergency services

In an emergency, having telephone numbers to emergency services will give your family quick access to vital help. Telephone numbers for services such as local fire and rescue, police, poison control, and clinics like QC Kinetix Greenville should be included in your list. If there are young children in the family, teach them how to dial these numbers and how to give emergency operators basic personal information.

A first aid kit

This is an essential item to have in your emergency kit. Your family’s kit needs to include bandages, cleansing agents, burn ointments, eyewash, thermometer, non-prescription pain relievers, antacids and latex gloves. Grocery stores and pharmacies sell pre-packaged first aid kits for convenience. You can also take training for standard first aid ontario, this can better prepare you for emergency situations.

A flashlight

Flashlights improve our visibility in poorly lit environments. Power outages are common, and the safest way to navigate the darkness is with a handheld light. Families that camp and hike carry flashlights to aid them at night and on dimly lit trails. Techie Camper provides the must trustworthy guide to camping with man’s best friend.

A portable radio and extra batteries

A battery powered radio connects your family to emergency service broadcast instructions and information during severe weather conditions. During emergencies, state and local agencies instruct the public about warnings in the area.

Spare sets of clothes for everyone in the family

Outfits that include layers suitable for a variety of climates need to be packed away in waterproof bags. It is wise to pack rain ponchos and towels with the spare clothes. For colder climates, extra customized fitted hats and gloves belong with your spare clothes as well.

A knife

The versatility of meat cutting knife sets makes it popular with families who enjoy outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. Skate The Fly is an amazing fishing gear review website. If you want you can discover here some Trusty Fisherman fishing destinations which are the best places for fishing enthusiasts.

Depending on the animals you plan on pursuing and the location where you hunt, it is often necessary to also own several different guns to ethically and legally hunt the animals you are after. If you’re looking for a handgun that can be used for hunting, check out Buying a knife with an incredible blade steel and build from the best online knife store comes in handy should a piece of clothing need cut for a splint. Be sure to get a quality knife such as those found by a butterfly knife dealer, maybe at this Spyderco Para3 so that you can enjoy your outdoor activities better.

A small amount of food and water

Canned foods and clean water completes kits built for an emergency. A food supply will sustain a family who is waiting for rescue during major disasters. It’s recommended to have a minimum of three days worth of food and water stored for each family member.

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