The Top Reasons Why More Interior Designers Recommend Fitted Wardrobes and Bedrooms Today

When you are in the process of building a home – or renovating one – you may be wondering if it’s worth adding a fitted wardrobe or two in your bedrooms. Many who have already taken the leap and had a fitted wardrobe done would attest to their usefulness since there are many benefits by doing this, and it’s an expense that’s entirely worthwhile. In addition, property owners see it as an investment for the future that adds to their property’s value. But even interior designers recommend fitted wardrobes and bedrooms for a home, so if you want to know if it’s the best decision for you, here are the top reasons why.


You can tailor it according to what you need

Perhaps the most obvious draw of fitted wardrobes and fitted bedrooms is the fact that you can tailor it according to what you need. It’s tempting indeed – imagine having a wardrobe that can fit all your things, even with room to spare. The thing with your other alternative, the standalone or freestanding cabinet, is that it’s often designed with just general requirements in mind. It won’t be expressly made following your exact requirements. So if you have plenty of ties, for instance, where are you supposed to place them? The same is true if you have a lot of suits, jewelry and accessories, shoes, and so on. All these items can clutter your home if there is no suitable storage area for them, and it will be challenging to find them as well. A self-storage unit can be a great solution to this problem. It provides a secure and convenient place to store your belongings, allowing you to free up space in your home and keep everything organized. Visit to know more.

But you can outfit your fitted wardrobe with all the elements you may need – whether it’s racks, shelves, drawers, hanging rails, extra cupboards, and what-not, as professionals from the fitted bedroom in Leeds like My Fitted Bedroom will readily tell you. This way, there will be a place for everything, and everything will be in place.

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You can utilize your available space and use efficiently and intelligently

If you have ever had the experience of buying a freestanding or standalone wardrobe to realise that it doesn’t fit into your room – whether it’s too big or too small – then you will certainly appreciate how a fitted wardrobe allows you to utilise your available space intelligently. Fitted wardrobes are a great way to be as space-efficient as possible, even if your room is compact and small. Interior designers and decorators highly recommend the fitted wardrobe because it does away with the problem of having an awkwardly-sized feature (e.g., a standalone wardrobe) in your bedroom. Your fitted wardrobe will be the ideal fit for your space simply because it was built just for it, and you no longer have to deal with space wasted or unutilised. When building a new home be sure to look for helpful resources.


You can take advantage of the suitable finishes, materials, and other customised details

Interior designers and decorators know all too well how important it is to have a cohesive living space. This means that everything is complementary, and if there is contrast, it is still well-balanced. It’s all about having a living area that follows both form and function. And fitted wardrobes give you just that. You can take advantage of the right finishes, materials, and other customised details (such as lighting) that make your fitted wardrobe your very own, and you can ensure that it will seamlessly blend in with your overall theme and not stick out like a sore thumb! Meanwhile, if you encounter signs of pest infestation, it’s essential to promptly contact pest control cincinnati to address the issue and maintain a well-designed living space.


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