Tips for Decorating and Organising Your Garage

Though we hate to admit it, most of us have garages resembling black holes; once something goes in, it’s swallowed whole, never to be seen again. Over the years, that lovely, big space has become the final resting place of old refrigerators, broken toys and Christmas trees balder than Jason Statham. You can’t even fit your car inside. It’s time to take action! You need to reclaim your space. Break out the bin bags, don your Marigolds and get ready to clean and organise. By the end, there might even be enough space to park your car.


Formulate a Plan

You can’t just charge into a black hole; you need a game plan to ensure that you make it out alive and don’t spend the rest of your life wandering through a maze of junk. To avoid getting buried beneath a pile of trash, or becoming so overwhelmed by the mountain of rubbish that you end up shoving it all back inside, set yourself some goals. Think about where you’re moving things to. Have a bag to take to the tip, another for a yard sale or car boot, and one for the things that you’re keeping.

Think about how you’re going to store the things you’re holding onto. It’s a great idea to get hold of some graph paper and draw the layout of your ideal garage. You might even try finding some unique GarageSmart storage solutions. Find a design which suits you, drawing in where your car will go. Work out how much storage and shelving you’re going to need and have it ready to be installed. Retailers such as SGS Engineering Solutions are great for professional, hard-wearing solutions. You may also improve the looks and functionality of the floor with the help of a garage floor coating contractor.

As you’re looking at your garage doors, maybe you thought of having garage door installation with a brand new door and much more refined one? Save your worries because a garage door service contractor like the FL garage company has you covered for your garage door replacement and installation. They can also customize the design of your garage flooring to perfectly match your style. A garage door repair can be done by the homeowner, but we still advise hiring a professional garage door repair contractor for expert garage door repair and garage door services. Consider getting a garage door repair denver services if your garage door needs to be fixed. Find more information about Action Garage Door on how they can fix up your garage door.

Get Started

Now for the not-so-fun part. Try and make your task easier by choosing a nice, sunny day. You’re going to have to drag every single thing in your garage out onto your front lawn or driveway (yes, really!) so that you can sort through it. Have your black bags ready and waiting. Trash the junk and donate or sell every single item that has lay rotting in there for over a year – you’re never going to use it again.

Once the floor is clear, scrub your garage from top to bottom. Don’t miss a single inch. You may also get a pressure washing service all the way through to your driveway.

Get Organised

Once the walls and floors are sparkling, it’s time to assemble the garage organization storage and shelving. Line your garage from floor to ceiling if you need to. Consider putting anything that doesn’t belong on a shelf in big, transparent plastic bins so that you can see everything inside. If you’re a hobbyist or you enjoy DIY, use tool chests, cabinets and boxes to help you stay organised by ensuring that everything has a proper place. The things you need the most should be kept at eye-level. The top shelves should be reserved for memorabilia which you want to keep but won’t use, like old documents and those things you just can’t bring yourself to throw away.

Voila! An organised garage.

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