Top Eco-Friendly Beach Resorts to Stay during Your Vacation in Mexico

Mexico is a great destination if you want to spend your vacation soaking up the beautiful nature that surrounds you. However, the Mexican resorts often feel alienated from their surroundings. These amazing Mexico beachfront rentals are surely in sync with their surroundings and also have adopted practices that involve alternative sources of energy, water draining and treatment system with eco-friendly beach cleanings. Most of these places were built upon the environmental ethics of using natural resources. It doesn’t feel like an intrusion but something that looks welcoming, belonging to nature. If you are ready for such a unique and off-grid experience that will help you get a technological detox, then these places will surely intrigue you.


With a view of oceans and the forest, this adult only spa cum hotel will give the off-grid experience you deserve. Made from the natural materials found on the surrounding beach, this place has palapa styled huts with a thatched roof. This Tulum boutique beach will leave you with a lifetime of experiences by offering you the best of what nature has to offer. The coastline is mostly rocky but it compensates for the long beach walks with its beautiful views. Electricity is mainly generated by generators which will get your phone charged for the ultimate beach experience. They also have porches with TV, so that you update yourself.

Haramara Retreat

Sitting on the 12 acres of land, this yoga retreat is one of Mexico’s best. This place has also been built with traditional methods using the materials from the natural resources. Each room is housed by basic amenities where the guests are often asked to bring organic toiletries to keep the experience rigidly eco-friendly. They even have gone the extra mile to make the branded merchandise also eco-friendly. The huts don’t have any light or neither does it have fine windows or doors. A curtain separates itself from the forest that’s outside along with nets to keep the bugs off. This place is equipped to deal with people who are looking for the ultimate detoxication. Guests are also advised to bring portable lights for their convenience.

Playa Escondida

Tucked right between the beach near Sayulita, this romantic retreat has 25 beautiful huts offering you a view of the oceans. These rooms are mostly open which means that there aren’t any windows. But it has other options like mosquito nets for sleeping. They have unique and open bathrooms which sometimes feature a bidet but definitely encourage low usage of paper. Rooms don’t have a TV but have limited Wi-Fi connections. Yoga classes are also available to enhance this off-grid experience.

Ahau Tulum

This beachfront place has a bohemian aesthetics and has been made from the locally available materials from the beach. The construction almost blends itself within the landscapes. The rooms are open but have AC facilities expect the Bali Huts. Plastic bottles are discouraged and instead asked to use a dispensary to throw these bottles. The whole aesthetics of these huts give you a very eco-friendly vibe. You can also opt for yoga classes or get a rental bike with the best road bike bottom bracket to roam around the beach. This hotel also composts the waste that is collected from its restaurants.


Located on the hillside of the bay of yealapa, this adult only boutique resort aims at offering you an off-grid and eco-friendly experience. Accessing the beach can be a bit of a challenge since it can either be accessed by foot or by a boat which in case you own, you should see a variety of cleaning supplies are available at this site. These gazebo style rooms have no ac or TV but that is compensated by its open walls which houses the scenic views. These rooms obviously offer electricity and Wi-Fi and the water is brought in from natural sources. Accessibilities are limited but this chic resort will give you a unique outdoor experience.

Suenos Tulum

Resembling an ancient Mayan town with its deliberate designs, it has a rugged area with a central fire pit surrounded by thatched huts. Everything here is solar powered and time often seems to move slowly here. The rooms here have vibrant colours and has an indoor hammock. The rooms also have AC and electricity which is only available at night due to limited resources of power. You can also find charging outlets in the lobby. Even though it has low-key features, this chick and vibrant resort will compensate for its lack of amenities with its view and experience garnered during your stay. It also houses two mini custom pools that have Living Water Aeration and Surface Wastewater Aerator installed, which is a great addition I wish I saw more often. All this accompanied by an open bar for the ones who are intrigued by the nightlife facilities.


Staying true to the culture of its locality, this place is a hub of cultural precision by focusing on local art and artisans who use locally available resources. This resort has tons of exquisite feature that will help you stay off-grid and still make it fun somehow. They use all the eco-kindly ways to make the user experience true to its core. The airy lounges and restaurants also serve you with Mexican and American cuisines. The rooms do have a balcony which offers you a wide scenic experience but lacks TV or AC. Even the WIFI receptions are being made to be restricted at certain common places.

Hotel Diamante K

Located at the white sand shores of Tulum, this place was founded by the Mexican Celebrity Roberto Palazuelos. Its distinctly crafted rustic furniture with eco=friendly looks will surely give you the euphoric detoxication that you have been looking forward to. The cabins here are polished and has refined fabric a cement wall. The inlays are also pebbled but the varnished floor gives you the polish that most guests look out for. The rooms have 24 our electricity but they don’t have TVs or ACs.

These are some of the handpicked places where one can delve right in for their ultimate eco-friendly hotel experience in Mexico. The places mentioned all carry the fervour for eco-friendly experience and are highly strict when it comes to eco-friendliness. So, head down, grab an eco-friendly glass of drink and get bathed in the hot rays of the sun while enjoying the view of the wide sea. You deserve a technological detox and let no one tell you otherwise. And for those looking to explore luxury condo options, simply pop over to this web-site to find your perfect getaway.

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