Top Eco Friendly Tips For Renovating Your Garden

Whether remodeling a house or renovating a garden, it can be cost efficient and beneficial in the long run to do so with the environment in mind. Using environmentally friendly products or utilizing eco-friendly processes can be more costly at the onset but your investment will surely be returned in the form of cost efficiency. Here are some tips on how you can renovate your garden or yard in the most eco-friendly way possible:

Cleaning up the yard

Before you can start with any renovations, you’ll need to clear the yard from debris it has accumulated over the years. Yard waste removal can be done with the right tools, or you can hire someone to do it. Once removed, biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste should be segregated for proper waste disposal. If you have old appliances or products littering the yard or stored in the shed, instead of sending them to the landfill, donate what you can. Other people may still have some use for your products or they may be able to repair or refurbish them.

Garden design

Use recycled pots and cans to plant your flowery shrubs or ornamental plants. Don’t buy new ones, instead use the containers you typically found in any home—used cans, old clay pots, and beaten plastic pails. Don’t limit yourself to ornamental plants; make your own edible vegetable garden and reduce your market visits. You’ll be eating organic products and saving on market bills, as well. You can also install a fruit tree netting system and plant fruit trees around the yard to serve as natural fence and shade. To grow your own seedlings, use recycled tissue paper inner cores. The paper core can absorb and retain water, essential for the growing seedling.

If you have other trees in the way that don’t let you plant the trees that you actually want, consider hiring a tree removal service company for professional tree removal and stump grinding services. Trees can also get sick and die, or become potentially hazardous to other trees around them. If you notice anything that seems to be off about your trees you might want to call a tree removal service to inspect and remove the tree in question. You can read and learn more at their website.

You may also consider a sunroom addition for you to have a space of relaxation and entertainment that extends to your garden.

Garden supplies

Don’t use pesticides and fertilizers on your garden. Instead, make a compost heap and use that to fertilize your garden. Instead of using commercial mulch, make your DIY mulch using old newspapers. Mulching or the application of mulch on the top layer of the soil preserves soil moisture. For natural weed killer, apply mulch on weed-prone areas. Use organic and all-natural pesticides. A bit of peppered water can reduce worms and bugs on your vegetable patch. Dissolve some in a spray bottle and use a spray nozzle with bigger holes.


If you’re growing your own plants, choose those that can be found endemic to the region. This is particularly true if you live somewhere where it is mostly dry season. Plants that are naturally found in the same location will be used to the season, and will not require more water to grow. One of the best things that you can do for any garden though is planting some fresh fruit trees as they look really good and provide fresh fruit so have a look into those. If you foreign plants or those found in wetter climates, it will need more water to survive.

Watering your plants

If you live in city where it rains on some months, conserve water by saving and storing rainwater. Use it to water your plants during the non-rainy days. You can also find watering timers by Gilmour that you can attach to your hose and set to water for a specific amount of time to ensure that you do not overwater your garden. In addition, make sure you water your plants in the late afternoon or early in the morning as this prevents the water from evaporating quickly, before it can be absorbed by the soil.

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