Tradition Remains Popular

There are many wonderful old houses that are little more than museums these days. They suffer no wear and tear now that they no longer hold a family as they did many years ago. The traditional use of fine wood continues today because it has no substitute. People who have fallen in love with tradition and who own an old home can still get the furniture that fits the style. There is a large market in antiques but also for the skills of craftsmen who can use wood that has been reclaimed to make furniture in that same traditional style.


Glass, aluminium and UPVC are fine in their own place but people with older houses and plenty of wood will certainly want to surround themselves with natural things and that can be done by talking to specialists. Glass will only have a place as windows.

Farm tables make an excellent centrepiece in a large kitchen. They can be working surfaces as well as the place where the family sits down to eat. There are some originals but it is also possible to get companies to supply tables that have been made to measure from reclaimed wood that has aged naturally before being reclaimed. They may have been barn doors or window frames in their former lives but the wood can be crafted for a new life.


Companies like have connections throughout the country which allows them to fulfil enquiries of all kinds. It is a great use for materials that might otherwise end up in landfill. The wood may be 100 years old and in need of some skills that give it a second life. It will originally have been obtained as buildings are demolished and stored so that it can be selected for reworking into stock items or bespoke tables that are manufactured from scratch when an order comes in.



There are many different types of wood; oak, maple, walnut and pine are very popular for tables though of course wood can also be stained so it is in a shade that fits its intended room. There are a host of different shapes that consumers may want; oval, circular, square and rectangular with wooden or perhaps antique iron legs. Antique collectors would add a rare piece if they manage to be the first to buy this antique gold brooch for sale.

Everything will be available from a good supplier that can manufacture to order.

Large kitchen tables look most impressive but there is also demand for coffee tables, side tables and even ones that may spend summer outside for BBQs and picnics before being stored in the garage for the winter. Perhaps you didn’t realise that something like this was so easy to organise. Now you do know, perhaps you should pick up the telephone to explain what you are looking for.

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