Why you should be using eco appliances

These days, there is increased focus on saving the environment, and manufactures of various household appliances are using technology to come up with eco-friendly products. Since nearly 20% of a household’s total energy use comes from appliances, it makes sense to buy eco-friendly ones in order to make great savings, and if you need other kitchen accessories, learning about them in blogs like colander vs strainer vs chinois could be really helpful to find the best accessories for your kitchen.

These appliances typically consume less energy, meaning that the owners will spend less money when paying their energy bills. Furthermore, the appliances help to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint, since they require reduced resources, i.e. in the form of water, gas or electricity. Also depending on the manufacturer, eco appliances might last longer than their traditional counterparts, and nowadays most of them can be recycled, reducing the amount of waste that ends up polluting the earth in landfills. In case there is an issue with the appliance, you can hire an appliance repair company to fix the issue. Most eco-friendly appliances take less time and money to be repaired. You can check their page and find out how they go about the process.

What to look out for

In order to make it easy to identify energy-efficient appliances, many manufacturers have partnered with the federal government in the Energy Star program. Appliances that bear an Energy Star label guarantee that they have met minimum or basic government standards. However, consumers need to know that appliances can have different ratings indicating that energy consumption can still vary from model to model. This is one of the things to look out for when shopping for eco-friendly household gadgets.

There are numerous places where individuals can purchase and repair suitable eco appliances. You must check here for your fridge repair needs. The best thing to do when shopping around is to compare various gadgets and to read recommendations from other users. One of the best places for this is on online shopping sites. For instance, ‘As Seen on TV’ stores and vendors take extraordinary care to provide a wide range of such products. Customers on these sites can also read reviews and comments from those who have tried the appliances to see how they measure up.

Before purchasing household appliances, it is best to be on the lookout for some key things. A few tips on choosing eco-friendly home and kitchen appliances are covered below:


Refrigerators are energy hogs. They account for up to 15% of a household’s energy consumption due to the fact that they are left running throughout the day and night. Green fridge versions are advantageous because they come equipped with more precise defrost and temperature controls, high-efficiency compressors and have better insulation, but when they get damaged you have to make sure you use the right refrigerator parts for its repair.

Homeowners should take care to purchase the right size for their homes and families, as large refrigerators with unused space tend to waste energy. It is also important to consider the model, since side-by-side fridges consume more energy than top and bottom ones.


Eco-friendly dishwashers are more energy and water efficient than standard models. Newer models even have smart sensors that adjust the machine’s cycle length and water temperature to the dish load. They also have motors that allow for efficient washing action to get dishes clean in a shorter time, eliminating the need for running the machine a second time, thus saving water. In case you need to get this appliance fixed, hire the dryer repair calgary services.

Washing machines

If homeowners are not careful, they could end up wasting gallons of water due to the inefficiency of their washing machines. Energy-saving models typically use less energy and water to go through a load of laundry, saving electricity in the process. They also require less detergent to clean clothes, meaning more savings for the owners.

Additionally, the eco-friendly models extract more water from laundry as it goes though the spin cycle, cutting back on energy costs as well as the time the laundry would have taken to dry.

Stoves, cookers or ovens

When it comes to cookers, stoves and ranges, owners have a choice on whether to use gas or electricity to power the appliances. Gas is cheaper but has the disadvantage of releasing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Where possible, homeowners should install solar power panels to fuel the appliances. Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy that would reduce reliance on electricity or gas.

Magnetic induction cookers have also been found to be some of the best energy-efficient appliances that people can have in their kitchens. These cookers rely on induction to conduct heat from the cooking plates to the cookware, eliminating the amount of heat lost through radiation. In the same way, conduction ovens are more efficient energy-wise compared to other models. They circulate heat and reduce the amount of time food takes to cook. If you’re looking to get your oven cleaned or repaired, check out this oven repair company. It’s always important to find a reliable company, like the Killeen Appliance Repair!

Other considerations

While all these appliances can assist in making tremendous energy savings, homeowners also need to check their behavior. For instance, simple habits like switching off appliances and unplugging them from power outlets when not in use can go a long way towards reducing a home’s energy consumption. The use of eco-friendly appliances needs to be coupled with mindful behavior if any long-term gains are to be made.

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