Your Eco-Friendly Home: A Guide to Your Dream Green Abode

If the current buyers’ market has you ready to buy penthouses for sale in Sotogrande. You can then pick up a copy of Your Eco-Friendly Home: Buying, Building, Remodeling Green by Sid Davis.  This guide gives you all the general home building, buying or renovating information you need, be it the low down on mortgages and their intricacies like home mortgage refinancing solutions, along with credit score, and contracting. Your Eco-Friendly Home then takes you a step further, explaining how to make your home as green as possible while keeping your budgetary and other individual needs in mind. If you need help deciding whether to buy a property, make sure to seek assistance from a reputable conveyancing Melbourne –

Your Eco-Friendly Home is divided into 3 sections — buying, building, and remodeling — so readers can skip ahead to the section that’s most relevant to them.  This no-nonsense book wastes no time convincing you why a green home’s desirable, as anyone who picks up the book is likely already aware of both the environmental and personal benefits a green living space provides.  Instead, Your Eco-Friendly Home dives right into the thick of things, kicking off the first chapter by explaining why you should begin your home search not by immediately looking at houses, but by get your loan pre-approval letter. Mortgage rates on loans insured by the fha, see, fluctuate just like conventional fixed-rate mortgage loans but can have a lower base rate than a conventional loan with the same terms.

The property finance partners development finance, throughout the book, Your Eco-Friendly Home provides helpful checklists, such as “11 Things to Consider Before Making an Offer” and “Avoiding the 7 Biggest Mistakes that Many New Green Homeowners Make.”  There’s advice on finding the help you need, whether it’s an eco-friendly real estate agent, a green architect, or a knowledgeable contractor.  And there’s easy-to-understand information on how you can accrue passive energy savings, pick out the best ventilation system, and decide on whether to invest in solar and wind power, among other helpful tips.

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Smaller remodeling projects — from creating a green roof to setting up Prefabricated Metal Stair Kits. These are all covered, along with some basic information on cost-benefit analyses in evaluating what project to undertake.  Of course, LIL’s own Environmental Impact Calculator can help you crunch the numbers on green renovation projects you have in mind!

I especially loved the way Your Eco-Friendly Home shows how green living extends outside the home by emphasizing the importance of location.  You can also check out more about what they have to say and incorporate the changes in your abode. As many environmentalists have pointed out, an eco-mansion in a far-off suburb that requires a lot of driving to get anywhere still gives you a pretty big carbon footprint.  The book strongly recommends considering issues such as proximity to good schools, work, and amenities, with an eye to keeping your footprint as small as possible.

The appendix points to a wealth of resources and green websites to help you towards your eco-friendly journey — and even includes information about the different types of mortgages.

Want a preview? Read the 12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Green, a list adapted fromYour Eco-Friendly Home. The book’s available for $17.95 now at popular retailers.

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