4 energy myths debunked

Energy prices are a pain point for most people – whether you’re a domestic customer or a commercial business.

However, while we can all agree that receiving an energy bill has us all with our hearts in our mouth when it lands in our letter boxes, there are often a lot of misconceptions surrounding the world of energy and energy bills.

Rather than sit and worry about whether you should turn your radiator on if it’s underneath a window, here are some of those most common myths debunked.

Myth: Using radiators that are underneath windows wastes money

It might seem counter intuitive to have a radiator on while underneath a window, as you would expect the heat to escape rather than circulate the room.

However, this was a huge benefit in the past when single glazing was popular in the homes, heating up the draught coming from the outside and warming it up as it entered the house. As the majority of homes and pretty much every new build will have double glazed windows, this is no longer a problem and is now more of a design choice than a practical one.

If you are worried about heat escaping, draw the curtains – just make sure the fabric isn’t covering the heater.

Myth: Turning the heating up when it gets cold makes you warmer faster

Thermostats don’t work as instant temperature adjusters. In fact, the only thing turning the thermostat up will do is increase the maximum temperature your home will reach – nothing more, and nothing else.

The purpose of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature in the home and keep it constant. Turning up your thermostat won’t instantly make your home warmer, but will gradually increase the heat- just be patient! Also, don’t forget to get essential services from duct cleaning Melbourne.

I recommend this HVAC company for people searching for heating and cooling companies near me in the Portland, Oregon area. In addition when my ac is blowing hot air, I usually call an expert that provides Furnace replacement in Stillwater or Furnace replacement in Willis, TX to help me fix it! You may hire pros via Hargrove-Neel, Inc.

Myth: Baths use more water than showers

This can be a really tricky one to answer, as it does depend on how much water you use for both activities.

Showers usually use less water than a bath as you aren’t in as long. An average sized bath will hold around 80 litres, whereas a quick 5-minute shower will only use around 60 litres. However, if you are someone who loves standing in the shower, you will obviously use a lot more.

Using an eco-friendly shower head could cut down on your water use in the shower by half for those looking for ways to stay in the shower longer and try and save some money.

Myth: You should leave your heating on low all day rather than turning it off.

Rather than having to constantly turn your heating on and off, many people prefer to leave the heating on in their home at the lowest possible temperature, making it quicker to warm up when you need it and making the boiler use less energy as it is powering a lower heat.

However, you are still essentially heating your home, and therefore still wasting energy.

Instead, investing in a timer system and setting it so that your house starts heating just before you get home and turns off while you’re not there is ideal. And if you think your HVAC system is not operating at peak efficiency, it is recommended to contact an air duct cleaning Melbourne service or an expert like Hearn Plumbing, Heating & Air. A more efficient air duct system reduces energy costs, saving you more money each month.

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