5 Ways to Tell If Your Chesterfield Sofa is Real Leather

Many sofas are marketed as real leather or genuine leather. A real leather sofa is a luxurious and special purchase, especially when the sofa is a Chesterfield. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell real leather from fake leather. Some “leather” Chesterfield sofas are not genuine. Knowing how to spot a real leather Chesterfield sofa ensures you don’t pay more money than you should. Also take a look at this elegant patterned table runner that can add a fresher look at your space.

There are some key differences between genuine leather Chesterfield sofas and plastic fake leather sofas. You may need to investigate closely, but when you know the signs you can easily spot a fake. Here is our advice:

1 Check the Tags

First, look at the product tags. It may sound obvious, but a label that states something like faux leather, leather cloth, or pleather means that your Chesterfield sofa is not made from genuine leather. It is not easy to tell from just a glance whether a Chesterfield is fake or genuine leather. But the tags and the marketing resources should list the materials used to make the furniture. Genuine leather, nubuck, suede, or pigmented leather all signify the chair is genuine. Don’t take someone’s word for it – check the labels yourself.




  1. Look at the Seams

Peer under the sofa and look at the seams on the underside of the chair. If the seams look smooth and plastic, the sofa isn’t made from real leather. It is always a good idea to have a close look at  furniture before you purchase. You cannot immediately tell the difference between real and fake – the small details, however, give it away.

  1. Feel the Sofa

Leather Chesterfield sofas feel soft, smooth and pliable. The material feels thick and you can identify tiny grains in the leather. A plastic sofa made to look like leather is too smooth and it is usually very cold. The surface seems to be too slippery and “perfect”. Real leather has some imperfections in its appearance and texture. Again, look closely at the furniture and trust your instincts to discover whether your dream chair is the real deal.

  1. Sniff the Sofa

There’s no mistaking that smell of leather. The distinctive scent is popular with people looking for an elegant, traditional and well-made sofa. You cannot replicate the smell of leather in a fake leather sofa, so use your nose to make sure what you are buying is real.

  1. Buy from a Trusted Source

Purchase your real leather Chesterfield from a reputable manufacturer. You can then rest assured that your sofa set has been crafted with care from the highest quality materials. As Chesterfield sofas increase in popularity, you will find more examples of this iconic design on the internet and in high street stores. Choose a trustworthy retailer with a sterling reputation and look for a guarantee with all the right certifications that you are purchasing a genuine leather piece of furniture. Then you can be sure your Chesterfield will be exactly what you are looking for.

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