A Music Room Made From Shipping Containers

Music is a passion that is shared by millions of people all over the world. With our busy and crowded lives, it is not always easy to have a bit of space in order for us to enjoy our passion without disturbing other people.

One way to counter this is to build a dedicated music room that you can use till your heart’s content, without disturbing anyone else. A cheap way to build a structure that you can dedicate towards this is to build the main structure using recycled shipping containers.

A shipping container music room might not be such a crazy idea as you think! Where ever you find containers for hire in Australia, you will usually also find somewhere that sells secondhand shipping containers, so they are very easy to find. However, to learn more about music and some other musical instruments like violin, just go to some trusted musical sites similar to fiddlersguide.com.

Shipping Container Buildings All Over the World

Shipping containers are increasingly used all over the world to create cost effective structures, especially in areas that are short of housing. There are many schools all over the world that convert recycled shipping containers into additional classrooms at a fraction of the cost that a traditional building would cost.

There are a number of housing associations in the UK that have created cheap affordable housing for people by building apartments out of shipping containers. Container City in London is the first of many similar structures that have since sprung up.

Sports clubs and community centres also create facilities by building structures from recycled shipping containers, which allows them to expand at a reasonable cost, whilst also being environmentally friendly by utilising recycled materials.

You do not have to stop with recycling the shipping containers as you can also use other recycled materials to build with such as windows, doors, bricks, tiles.

Building Some Personal Space

Building a music room that is separate from your house is a great way to be able to enjoy your music, without disturbing anyone else in the family. Shipping containers are ideal to build from as you can easily join them and create large spaces without internal walls. Consider using shipping containers similar to the ones at https://container-hire.uk/ for your music room project.

Once you join the shipping containers the wall may be cut away, leaving one large open space. So you do not have to have a rectangular room, and you can even have more than one storey.

No matter how large or how small your hobby is, it is easy to create a suitable space for your hobby, at an affordable price. The only limit in designs is that of your imagination, and with a bit of thought you will be able to make the perfect space for you to enjoy your music.

A Quiet Space for Music

One thing that you will need to take into account when you design your music room is that you are going to need a reliable metal distributor and plenty of sound insulation. You are going to need this on both the inside of the walls, as well as the outside, to get more tips, learn at First Defense Insulation website.

On the inside you can hang drywall with a gap between that and the metal outside wall, this space can then be filled with foam to help insulate the interior. You will also need to add noise absorbing tiles to the inside of the walls, and they do take up quite a bit of space. The space that the insulation uses is something that you will need to take into account when you decide how big your music room is going to be.

On the outside of the walls you can add recycled bricks or tiles to cover the walls. This will also help to insulate the sound from inside. You can also add plants and bushes next to the walls that will also help to shade the shipping container from the weather, helping to keep it cool inside during the summer months. Don’t forget the carpeting to add more sound absorbing items inside your music room. Doing these will allow you to enjoy some sweet music every time you play the best digital pianos.

Quick and Efficient Construction

In Australia, a structure made from shipping containers is classed as a temporary structure. So a shipping container building will be classed the same as a garden shed, meaning planning permission is easy to gain.

You will still need to build solid foundations for the shipping containers to sit on, and you will also have to make sure that you build everything within the local building codes. It may take a couple of days to complete the foundations, depending on how big a footprint your building will have and also the ground you are building on.

The main structure made from the shipping containers should be able to be assembled within a day or so. Then it will take a few days to remove the internal walls and cut the holes for doors and windows. The majority of the time is going to in getting the inside of the structure ready, hanging the walls and floors, adding the windows and the doors.

For a structure that uses three or four 40 foot shipping containers, it should take between four and eight weeks to complete, so can be constructed relatively quickly when compared to using conventional building materials. Before you know it, you will have your personal space that you can enjoy your music, without annoying anyone else, sounds like heaven to me!

Make beautiful harmony with a shipping container music studio

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