A new Lease of Life for the Living Room

It’s the time of year where the annual Spring clean turns into dissatisfaction at the state of your house despite its new cleanliness and tidiness. Before you get into a horrible house slump, pick a room and get to work on improving its decor; changing your attitude from negative to positive. Know skip bin prices in Perth so you can hire them before you start cleaning. Often the most effective room to pick is the living room as this is generally the most frequently used room and is seen by all who visit the house, residents and guests alike.

So here’s a simple three step guide to get you going on your new project and turn that frown upside down.


In Springtime as the sun starts emerging, the plants start growing and the birds start tweeting perhaps the heating of your home is the last thing on your mind. However, if you are taking your redecoration seriously then it is vital that you consider the heating of the room year round not just at the time of redecoration. And this is one of the first thing to think about, have you furnace installation done by a pro before redecoration.

The living room is very often the heart of the home nowadays; with kitchen space either being open plan into the living room or having been downsized form the large fifties kitchens that once were the homes main room. As such it makes sense to have a focal point or gathering point for the room and what better than a warm fire to give out lots of radiant heat in Winter and also look fabulous year round. Plus it has to make a better centre piece to your room than a humongous flat screen television.


Decorating your room will freshen up tired looking walls and cover up old fashioned color schemes. For the quick fix that can be changed frequently go for painted wall perhaps in two color with one bold color for a feature wall. You can also consider using colored gloss for additional radiators, skirting boards and doors if you find white too bland for your new look but beware as this is much harder to change. Plus white keeps things looking fresh which is in keeping with the positive Springtime feeling we are trying to create. For a professional, reliable painting service that can help you on this, call the painting dublin experts.


Bad furniture can ruin an otherwise glorious room, particularly if it is not functioning correctly or is visibly broken. Make a through appraisal of the state of your current furniture and ditch anything that is past redemption. Next set to work refreshing pieces by sanding, varnishing and/or painting as appropriate. You can also try switching handles, door knobs and light pulls for a more individual and up to date look. If anything is a totally lost cause, seek out some quality furniture to suit your budget looking in stores from charity outlets to large chain retailers of new furniture.

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