A Steel Prefab Treads Lightly on a Desert Floor


Steel is just about the most recyclable building material on earth. You could be well reading this in an office building built with steel originally smelted from iron in Julius Caesar’s day.
So it makes good green sense to build eco prefab houses with steel…

Steel does not spread fire. Building with steel allows for a lighter load, so it does not require a huge concrete foundation. Making concrete is one of the most carbon intensive building industries there are, producing the heaviest carbon footprint. steel sheds

Sheet metals are capable of withstanding heavy pressure without collapsing. Their durability extends to the elements as well, as the metals are resistant to corrosion, moisture, and sun. Sheet metal therefore lends itself to projects in all types of environments.The quality of the steel sheets is predictable and reliable. With steel construction, the costs of equipment and hoisting are included in the erected costs, and therefore, no allowance has to be added. Steel’s unparalleled workability makes it the most versatile construction material developed by man.

This is the most common type of steel used in building construction, which is also known as mild steel. It is incalculably strong and durable, and ensures a sturdy built.


And steel framing makes for construction simplicity: these homes are able to be erected by hand and do not require welding, special torque tools or specialized inspections. This allows an entire house to be framed and enclosed in less than five days. Homes require experts to inspect them, you could check it out here to get it done.


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