Aptera Electric Cars Showing Peek at Interiors

For those of you who follow our blog, you know we’re big fans of what the folks at Aptera are up to.  Aptera is building an all-electric, three-wheeled car that has a small fraction as much aerodynamic drag as a Prius.  The Aptera 2e goes 100-120 miles with a top speed of 85-90mph, and boasts normal car safety features and impressive crash test results. And it looks like a super cool Jetson mobile, which makes it especially exciting, look for more info here.

Now the folks at Aptera are starting to reveal what the inside of their space-age auto will look like.  You can see a sample below and here is what Aptera has to say about their design developments:


The first major issue was space. We tested men and women of every age and stature and found, in many cases, we were not offering enough room in the cabin. With that information, we enhanced the cabin using our Aptera formula — safety, then aerodynamics, then lightweight. The new interior cabin is now roughly 10% larger by every measure.

“The new 2 series also now has headroom and legroom comparable to, if not better than, the Mini and Chevy Volt. We widened the area at the hips to provide more space than the Smart EV and the Nissan Cube. Then to top it off, we increased our cargo capacity by more than 24 cubic feet, which is nearly two times the space available in the Honda Accord.”

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Alright, let’s get that thing into market and start driving it!  We’re ready!

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