Benefits of Using a Polytunnel for Your Organic Vegetable Garden

If you’re looking to maximize your harvest and extend your growing season, you need the help of a greenhouse or a polytunnel. With inputs costing more every year, precision farming aims to help growers do more with less. But which one should you go for? Growing your own vegetables is an extremely rewarding and exciting hobby which brings amazing, homegrown organic veggie delights into your kitchen, enriching your family’s diet. So if you’re trying to keep a good garden and need equipment for this there are sites like HouseBait online which have the best options to help you with this.

But greenhouses don’t come cheap. Here is where the polytunnel comes in. It’s a cheaper, more lightweight version of a greenhouse and can do wonders for your organic vegetable patch. To find out more about polytunnel designs or to get a monthly growing guide, visit Premier Polytunnels online.

If you’re considering using a polytunnel in your backyard, take a look at the benefits below:

  • Cheaper than a greenhouse – if you’re looking to get a backyard landscaping or you’re growing a vegetable garden for the first time, a polytunnel is a quick and easy way of keeping your plants and vegetables covered at a fraction of the cost of a greenhouse.
  • Easy to construct – essentially, a polytunnel does everything that a greenhouse does for your garden. But it’s so much easier to construct. You won’t need to prepare a base so you can erect your polytunnel within minutes. Get help from experts at Landscaping Dublin | Garden Designers | Landscape Gardeners Dublin | Gardening Services | Gardeners | Elite Landscaping Dublin
  • First choice for plants and vegetables – polytunnels have developed so much over the years and have now become a first choice for seasoned gardeners, there are different types of farming and unlike transplanters of years ago, modern planting machines are efficient and expensive, catering to big agricultural operations.
    . Many award winning plants and flowers have been cultivated under a polytunnel and they continue to become more and more popular with today’s modern gardening crowd. This is the perfect environment for worms to aerate and enrich the soil.
  • All plants can be grown in a polytunnel – because the design of the polytunnel has improved so much over the years, it is now possible to grow almost any plant, fruit or vegetable (within climatic limits). Strawberries are a favorite amongst British gardeners and larger polytunnels are often used in America’s agricultural sector. Revive Garden is an amazing blog that has hundreds of informative facts about gardening.
  • Extend your growing season – the extended cropping season is something that appeals to all organic vegetable growers. The polytunnel helps us grow our crops no matter what the weather is like outside. If you live in an area with less-than-perfect weather for harvesting crops, a polytunnel can help. Here’s a great video by GrowingYourGreens about growing food in the winter.
  • Polytunnels can look great – one of the biggest reservations is that a polytunnel doesn’t look as appealing as a greenhouse. But today’s polytunnel is much slicker than it used to be. Decorate the outside with a few potted plants or hanging geraniums and it could look almost as good as a designer greenhouse.

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