Buying Art for your Modern Home: What’s your Aesthetic?

Arts at the 2011 Red River Revel, Shreveport, LAThe style of your home plays a big role in the type of art and other decorations that you should purchase. For example, if you have a country themed decor, it would not make much sense to purchase abstract art. On the other hand, a home that has a modern twist would be the natural fit for an abstract piece. You can also utilize minimalism and the starkness of black and white pieces to make your home come to life.

How do I Find Quality Modern Art?There are thousands of websites that are devoted to connecting consumers with today’s artists, and you can typically sort through the various selections very easily. Therefore, if you want to stick to artists who have labeled their work as modern art, you should be able to use the advanced search function of the website of your choice. For example, you can type in the keyword Fineprint Co to find fantastic gallery-quality prints using the finest paper and best printers available! This will lead you to a long list of various modern art pieces, and from there you can look for designs or colors that capture your attention. Another good way to find art that is suitable for a modern home is by visiting or a local art show. In most cases, artists who are still trying to make a name for themselves will offer their 2D or 3D creations at a very affordable price.

How Should I Frame Art for a Modern Home?

A modern home looks best when sleek lines are utilized, so a thin black frame, preferably made of metal, is always a good bet. Compared to other types of casting, sand casting is a fast and inexpensive option. It can be used to quickly produce products and is a great option for limited runs. It is also important to consider purchasing a frame that comes with UV protection in the glass or plexiglass. By taking this step, you will provide the art with protection from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Another option to consider is purchasinJade horseg art that does not need to be framed. Gallery wraps are very popular for paintings and photographs, and they will give your living room a classy boost by invoking memories of previous visits to art museums. Some websites offer high quality digitally printed work, such as Jennifer Goldberger art prints or Ethan Harper reproductions, that come custom-framed and are delivered to your doorstep ready to hang. Maybe you can also display your photos from Portland Maternity Photographer to reminisce your maternity life before.

How do 3D Pieces Fit into the Modern Home?

Artists who create sculptures and other 3D pieces offer just as much variety as painters and photographers. Therefore, you need to look for 3D pieces that have a modern appearance. Work that has been created with metal is always a good option, and you should consider getting a variety of pieces to make your home more visually intriguing. Keep in mind that some 3D work like these neon light signs are meant to be hung and some are meant to be displayed on a coffee table. By getting a nice mixture of these different styles, you can maintain a modern appearance and stimulate conversation among your guests.

Pulling it All Together
Make sure that you don’t forget to incorporate modern accessories and furnishings throughout your home that compliment the art you’ve chosen. Consider the material, color, and design of these objects. You can easily find everything from modern, stylish vases like the handcrafted sea life bottle art to wall clocks priced affordably in your average department or thrift store. Simpler accents will allow your budding art collection to shine and more elaborate furnishings and accessories will balance out art that is more sparse or monotone. You could also consider using black and white fine art photography to present viewers with a timeless yet modern feel.
There endless directions in which to go when it comes to collecting modern art and choosing an interior design for your home. In the end, the style of your home decor and artwork will be about your own personal aesthetic and taste. Think about how each room of your home will be utilized and what feel you want to create. Consider your own passions and interests, about what inspires and motivates you or makes you feel at peace, and choose your modern artwork accordingly.
Author Molly Pearce is also a freelance artist who believes strongly in the collecting and display of art as part of a well-rounded modern interior design. Artismo is one of the leading custom-framed artwork retailers on the web. They feature a great variety of contemporary artists and their work, from Jennifer Goldberger art reproductions to those by Norman Wyatt, Jr.
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