Choosing 4K Or HD TV Sets?

There are so many things you have to think about as you choose your new TV set, ranging from price to TV installations. In most cases buyers are confused about what they should choose and what is not a good idea. This is especially the case when thinking about screen resolutions. Should you choose HD or 4k? But if if you love to watch TV in bed, then you can have the best of both worlds with this super king tv bed! You can visit a reputable store like TV Beds Northwest for best help! 

Here’s also what you need to know to make a good choice.

What Is Screen Resolution?

A TV screen’s resolution practically describes TV picture sharpness, normally expressed in pixels present in a horizontal line. Everything under HD should be avoided these days because of the technology that is available. The bargain HD TV sets might support 720p, which practically means that 720 lines are progressively scanned in one go. The 1080p HD format is normally referred to as full HD and should still be skipped when looking for a great TV set.

Ultra HD

TV manufacturers move away from the HD TV towards the Ultra HD TV, which is commonly referred to as 4K. The 4K models are named as such because they offer 4 times as many pixels as the regular HDTV screen. This means 3840 X2160 pixels in 2,160 horizontal lines.

The 4K TV set has the one big benefit that the smaller object that is present on the screen can present much more detail. This even includes text, which becomes sharper. Images will appear more life-like and richer than on the classic HDTV. However, in many cases benefits are just subtle. This is still very helpful if you will be converting your old home VHS to digital copies and watch them on your TV. You can also view here for a sky dish installation service.

Keep in mind that numerous streaming services like Amazon Video, YouTube and Netflix now offer the possibility to see 4K video content. We also see ultra HD Blu-Ray discs that are common. While 4K is still not embraced by Live TV, it is still becoming the norm, while 1080p is going away. If you’re getting a 4K TV set, you can contact an affordable TV installation Toronto service to get it mounted in your living room.

HDR For Extra Colors

4K is practically what you should be looking for if you are interested in the best image quality but this does not mean every 4K Ultra HD TV set is the same. Numerous extra features can be available. HDR is a great example for that. It means “high dynamic range” and practically delivers better brightness, more contrast and more colors.

HDR can be seen as an upgrade to the Ultra HD format. TV makers work right now at improving this technology to stand out as offering the best devices. HDR10 is the high-dynamic range content standard at the moment. Many companies already support it right now. Watching your shows conveniently is one of the benefits of TV Supreme.

If you want something even more impressive, Dolby Vision is the next step in technology. It is a newer HDR version that was licensed and created by Dolby. Whenever thinking of the best HDR option out there, Dolby Vision is the name that appears at the top of the list.


As you can see, there are quite many things to think about just as you analyze the resolution of the TV set you want to buy. Based on what was mentioned above the choice should be easier but there are many other things that you will surely think about when you choose your next TV.

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