Ecological heating through wood pellet boilers – Save your environment

With the entire world going green, people are looking forward to install different eco-friendly appliances in the kitchen and household in order to save their hard-earned dollars on energy bills and to save the environment. If you haven’t yet heard of wood pellets, you should know that they are already a staple in the energy sector of Europe and they are gradually gaining popularity in the United States, especially in those particular places where significant energy is used for heating. As an increasingly large number of people realise the economical and ecological importance of sustainability, they are adopting newer methods to boil and heat things in order to save money.


Wood pellets offer a complete alternative to all other fuel sources. They usually burn clean and due to health and air quality control considerations, wood pellets are even preferred over coal for generation of electricity. Wood pellets are produced without any kind of additives and they’re a part of the natural carbon cycle, they generate no green house gas emissions and hence are a savior for the environment.

Wood pellets – A look into their characteristics

Wood pellets are made up of 100% natural wood and according to they are commonly used in log cabin construction. Sawdust and shavings are usually compressed under high pressure and then they’re pressed into small cylindrical rolls that are held together with the help of lignin, contained naturally within the wood. This is the reason that results to the clean and usable fuel with even contain high calorific value and extremely low ash content (0.2%). This way, each year, more wood is renewed than what is consumed. All such facts make wood pellets an interesting alternative in terms of economy and ecology.

Wood pellets are extremely economical

The optimized combustion technology usually results in very low pellet consumption. There is an advanced thermostat that controls the temperature of the boiler thereby ensuring that only the amount of heat that is required is produced.

Wood pellets are extremely safe

The HDG pellet boilers are subject to strict in-house safety tests. There is a cellular wheel sluice that is reliable enough and that prevents back-burn and also prevents the escape of low temperature gas. The sluice wheel, which is combined with another water extinguishing system, also offers total safety.

Wood pellets are pretty clean

Due to the advanced combustion technology of HDG pellet boilers, they are perfectly designed to burn pellets in the form of fuel, thereby resulting in low emission values. Some extremely high efficiency levels are even achieved through the burning of this eco-friendly fuel.

Wood pellets are convenient

Pellets are also pretty easy to handle. They are even less bulky and cleaner than the logs of wood, they are uniform in size and they’re supplied either in bags that are recyclable or blown directly in bulk for storage. The feeding systems are also easy where you just have to move only the right volume of pellets to the combustion chamber.

So, if you use wood pellets for heating, you can save the environment and also save energy.

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