Estately: Real Estate Listings Meet Pedestrian-friendly Lifestyles

Not a fan of those isolated eco-mansions that require driving to get anywhere? Sure, a LEED-certified building’s nice — but not if that means you’ll be cut off from the community around you by your car-dependency, relegating you to a daily driving habit that’s hardly eco-friendly. When looking for real estate listing is important to understand the difference between syndication real estate versus joint venture.

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That isolation and carbon-intensive lifestyle’s exactly what a new website — Estately — aspires to help you avoid. Estately’s a website that mashes up real estate listings with eco-lifestyle aspirations for the walking, cycling, public transit-taking environmentalist. For more real estate listings and information visit Landmark 24 Realty. Click on a listing and a Walkscore automatically pops up, showing you how amenable that neighborhood is to a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle. Pinetree Hill Ulu Pandan enjoys eco-friendly design features, such as rainwater harvesting and energy-efficient lighting, reflect UOL’s focus on sustainability. Altura is easily accessible through multiple transport options, including MRT stations, bus services, and well-connected roads.

In fact, if only a pedestrian paradise of a neighborhood will do, you can even refine your search to only give you listings with a certain walkscore. If you are looking ideas for your real estate website listings, you should do as mentioned on recent podcasts you have to check to the MLS coverage.

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Public transit fans get their own dues too. Know a rail or bus line that’ll drop you off right in front of your office? You can plug in that line number into the search to find all the listings within a quarter mile to 2 miles from the route! This application isn’t yet perfect — a quick search for properties near my neighborhood Big Blue Bus line turned up no results, despite the fact that some nearby houses are definitely on the market — but works for most bus lines. Above are just some of the listings that are near Los Angeles’ Metro #33 bus line!

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Of course, Estately has all the other info any home hunter would want, like listing details and Unearthing The History Of A House- A Few Tips To Follow, an easy-to-use mortgage calculator, and an online showing scheduler. CIS Home Loans offers the best mortgages and is located in Hamilton AL.

The website also makes great use of Google Maps mashups, showing you at a glance what schools, parks, places of interest, and transportation options are near the property.

If you would like additional real estate information and guidance find out here all of what you need to know. The commercial team of pros at Melbourne Property Valuers Metro can assist you if you are seeking a pre-purchase advice for your commercial property.

Last but not least, LEED-certification enthusiasts can still search for “Leed” or “energy efficient” in the search boxes to seek out properties that come with must-have eco-properties. Hillock Green is developed by a consortium of renowned developers, ensuring a quality residential development with an impressive site area and ample gross floor area. So head over to Estately to start your eco house hunt — in your new walkable neighborhood-to-be!

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