Getting Your Pond Ready For Winter

So, winter approaches and it’s time to get your pond ready to weather the colder season.

With a little maintenance before the frosts and snow is upon us, you can ensure that your pond stays healthy and looks great when the spring finally arrives. However if you live in an area that is affected by heavy snowfall you may be needing the help of an efficient removal services, see this information from a landscaper in Elk River if you need great assistance.

Put together a great set of equipment that will allow you to properly maintain your pond and garden. Swell UK have a wide range of kit from pond vacuums to nets to plant scissors that will keep your pond looking great and healthy.

Pond Plant Maintenance

Trim any plants and other foliage surrounding the pond. Doing so avoids the risk of them overgrowing in the winter and dropping leaves and waste into the water. This also means the maximum amount of light can get to the water for natural processes to continue.

Remove any exotic and delicate pond plants. They will not survive a harsh frost. When removed wrap the roots in damp newspaper and place in bin liners or similar in a warm place. Make sure the paper remains damp to keep the roots in good health over the winter. However leave hardier plants where they are. They provide much needed oxygen to the water and any other pond life.

Remove all dead leaves and plants from the surface and base of the pond. They will rot and release toxins that can poison fish and plants, especially if the surface freezes. Use a good pond vacuum or a rake to remove debris. Leaves from the surface and surrounding garden make a rich compost, so it’s worth creating your own heap to enrich the soil of flower beds and containers. Formboss suggests an edging system to separate garden beds.


A heater is also a good idea as it will stop the surface freezing and a build-up of lethal fumes. This can be fatal for fish and plants alike. A surface heater creates a ‘blow hole’ that releases gases and allows healthy oxygen in.

If you have a heavily stocked Koi pond, a bigger ‘in pond’ heater is a good idea. This will keep the pond at the right temperature all year round for Koi’s specific needs. Local Water Heater Repair and installation companies have a great range of heaters for all sizes of ponds.

Floating a plastic ball on the surface can also help to keep an area free of frost, although in very cold weather it probably wouldn’t be sufficient.

Other Ideas

Turn off the pump and filter. Fish will go into a kind of hibernation during this time so won’t create waste, meaning the filter isn’t needed. Plus the pipe work can freeze, causing problems. This is a good time to clean out this equipment, so it’s ready for use in the spring.

Some fish may not hibernate, but don’t over feed them. Just very little will be enough as their digestive system will slow down.

Finally, think about a pond net or screen. After all of your hard work, this will keep debris from the water and avoid the build of sludge on the pond floor. Make sure it’s fixed in to place with some pegs or heavy stones.

Keeping on top of maintenance over the season by hiring drainage contractors Aurora will keep your garden in good health.

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