Grow a Greener Wardrobe: How to Re-use your Old Clothes

Going green applies to more than just your home appliances and decor – your wardrobe is most-likely filled to the brim with money-saving potential and it takes no time at all to transform each of your unwanted pieces into new and useful items. Fabric has so many uses so think twice before chucking out your old shirts and jeans and thank us later when you’ve tried a few of these green fashion tips on for size.



Before you rush to discard an unwanted dress or shirt, stop and take a look at the fabric – it may translate surprisingly well as an accessory if you use your imagination. Light delicate fabrics such as cotton and jersey material can make for great accessories such as belts, scarves and hair bands. The sharper and bolder the pattern the better, so keep hold of any loud and garish dresses or floral numbers that seem too much to wear anymore as they may make the perfect head band, custom lapel pins, or bracelet cuff with a little elastic and a few well-placed stitches.

In addition, heavier materials such as old jumpers and cable-knit cardigans can make perfect winter accessories. Sleeves can be made into a gorgeous and cosy pair of mittens while the main body can be used to make scarves and hats if you’re feeling crafty. You should also check out Leather Stand if you’re looking high-quality clothes that will last a long time.

Colour it in

One of the best ways to give a tried and dull old top a new lease of life is to dye it an entirely different colour. Lift dated pastel shades and worn acid -wash denim items in an instant with a more modern shade. You can pick up eco-friendly fabric dye from most craft stores and supermarkets. Alternatively you could use vegetable dye to get a new look for less by leaving your chosen fabric to soak overnight in a mixture of vinegar and plant or vegetable extract. You can get more fashion tips at Groenerekenkamer.

Clean up

Why spend money on expensive cleaning products and accessories when a scrap piece of material will suffice? Keep hold of soft, durable clothing fabrics such as an old cotton t-shirt or jogging trousers made from jersey and other stretchy material as these can make great dusters and polishers around the home and come in especially handy when washing your car.

Making use of old clothing wherever you can is a great way to stay green and save money on new purchases in the long-run. As well as keeping to a green wardrobe, don’t forget to practice basic household recycling too. Find new styles on this Fashion Jigsaw sale for every season.

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