Hidden health hazards: What to look out for in your kitchen

In some ways, the kitchen is now regarded as one of the more glamorous rooms in the house. After all, it’s the place where families tend to spend the most time, while we don’t need to remind you that it also happens to be the most expensive part of your house to renovate!

However, there’s a so-called darker side to this room, and one that can potentially be dangerous. Once the lights are out, there could be creepy crawlers roaming around the kitchen. Mice and roaches are the most common kitchen pests and you may need the services of a pest control company to get rid of them. Hesitating to contact pest control services can result in your current infestation getting bigger, so don’t think twice about getting professional pest control help.

Let’s not forget that there are all sorts of appliances, heat and a whole host of other factors in a kitchen, all of which can go wrong.

To highlight the issue in more detail, let’s now take a look at some of these hazards.

Danger #1 – A dirty oven

To highlight just how the simple things can make a world of difference, let’s now turn to the dirty oven.

There are a couple of strands to this danger, the first being the obvious point that you are about to consume whatever is being cooked in your oven. Ultimately, if it’s full of dirt and bacteria, it’s clearly detrimental to your health. If there are rodents in your kitchen, check out Team Veterans Pest Control.

Then, there’s a point about potential fire hazards. Again, with debris left in there, it doesn’t take much for a fire to start and that small issue to escalate pretty quickly. This is why having fire suppression systems is important so consider getting a fire sprinkler installation as soon as possible.

Bearing this in mind, make sure you clean your oven as frequently as possible. Start off by understanding from https://kitchenhome.co.uk/ on how you can get to doing it.

Danger #2 – Your range hood

On the subject of the oven, let’s look a little higher. This time, we’re referring to your range hood, and the sheer amount of grease that finds its way up there. Don’t worry, yours won’t be the only one who fits the greasy description – the substance is almost attracted to this part of your room.

Unfortunately, there’s a potential fire hazard here. As we all know, grease can be flammable, and as a result your hood can be one of the easiest sources of a fire. It is better to have a grease trap pumping professional do the the cleaning of the hood, sinks and drains to ensure there are no residue left.

Danger #3 – Your kitchen sponges

On the face of things, your kitchen sponges might seem pretty innocuous. As it happens, they hold huge amounts of bacteria.

For those of you who then use these sponges to wipe down counter tops, you are simply spreading the problem.

So, apart from replacing them after every turn, what’s the best way to tackle these bacteria-hugging things? One of the best tips is to microwave a wet sponge for a minute, which should be sufficient to sterilize it and make it fit for purpose again, Kitchen Designers Online: check out our kitchen layout design tool.

Danger #4 – Your fridge is full

This final danger might sound ridiculous, but it’s completely accurate.

It’s somewhat satisfying filling your fridge completely full for the week, but it can come at a cost. This tends to make the fridge warmer, meaning that some foods are not going to preserve the same.

The best advice here is to turn down your thermostat by one degree if it is full. This should be enough to keep your food in a satisfactory condition.

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