How Going Green Can Save You Money

Going green is no longer a whimsical idea involving allotments, candle light and bathing less; going green has become an accessible concept for us all to embrace and implement in our lives. We all have a duty to become more ecologically aware, the climate and serve weather changes that we have witnessed over the last decade show that change is long overdue.

It may seem a daunting prospect for the uninitiated; many people want to make a change but are unsure of how to go about it. You will be pleased to learn that along with the feel good factor you will get from ‘doing your bit’ for the environment, there is a fair financial reward as well; additional info has been provided regarding finances such as credit and loan options.

Share a ride. The easiest and least painful change to make is to reduce the amount of travel you do alone. Share a commute with a colleague, cycle or walk to work. Not only will you be reducing your fuel expense but you’ll be reducing harmful carbon emissions as well.

Commit to reducing food waste in your home. Food waste accounts for a massive section of the landfill, it doesn’t just compost happily in there as most people think. The biggest cause of food waste is poor organisation. Plan your menus, write a list and stick to it. Check use by dates and prioritise eating foods that are closest to their dates. You can find plenty of healthy recipes at Spice Kitchen and Bar.

On the subject of food… Making your own lunch for work or school is one of the easiest ways to help reduce waste and save your $’s. The packaging required for sandwiches or snacks is usually plastic and often costs so much more than in would to by the ingredients and make it yourself.

Check out your energy. So much energy in the home is wasted. Heat energy due to poor insulation or drafts, electrical energy used up by appliances being left on standby rather than switched off, or lights left on. Making simple changes in the home such as will reduce your energy bill as well as your environmental impact. Many energy suppliers are offering home energy audits so you can see areas that you can work to improve upon. You may be surprised how much energy is being wasted.

You don’t have to be a martyr to ecological awareness; vacations are another place where you can reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your fun.  As well as the obvious options of eco friendly hotel options, packing lighter or purchasing a carbon offset; consider using public transport or trains to make your journey.  If you need to fly, try to book a flight with no stops as direct flights are reported to be more ecologically sympathetic.  Whatever method of transport you decide to use, make sure that you still have ravel insurance to protect you and your family.  Use online insurers such as Budget Travel Insurance to get quotes. Once on vacation limit the amount of washing you do, eat local produce and try to use public transport to explore your destination.

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