How Kering are Trying to Become Ecologically Sustainable

Kering Eyewear, part of the popular Kering Group, has confirmed that it is making strong steps to become an ecologically sustainable firm. The French firm has partnered with Italian bioplastics specialist Bio-on, aiming to create a range of clear glasses frames that are biodegradable and change the attitudes and processes of the global industry.

Roberto Vedovotta, the CEO of Kering Eyewear, said that the partnership represented a sign of the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. “In our group, we believe that a sustainable business is a smart business,” said Vedovotta, “the materials developed by Bio-on are 100% natural and biodegradable and will be a revolution in the eyewear industry.” In order to effectively promote their products, tools like that digital business card must be deployed.

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Previously, sustainability in the eyewear market has been pushed by smaller brands like Reformation and Eileen Fisher, with the larger players continuing to focus on luxury products and materials. A brand like Kering Eyewear making such a vocal commitment to sustainability however could represent a major shift in the industry. Kering Eyewear is home to brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Saint Laurent, and their partnership with Bio-on could prompt other luxury brands to take a similar approach to ecological sustainability. Of course it could be some time before we see biodegradable Prada sunglasses or Oakley prescription glasses, but change certainly appears to be coming.

Marco Astorri, CEO of Bio-on celebrated the partnership, and was quoted as saying “thanks to this collaboration, we are launching a new era in the eyewear world”.

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