How the Blinds Industry Has Embraced Green Rules

The construction industry has been forced to change its approach massively over recent years in relation to energy efficiency. Governments around the world have realised that this is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases and have acted accordingly – bringing in strict new legislation which curbs just how buildings can be developed and redeveloped.

Such legalities alter around the world, but one industry that has completely embraced the green philosophy is the blinds one. While this isn’t strictly speaking based in the construction field, few would disagree that window treatments have huge benefits when it comes to staying green and ultimately reducing our reliance on our heating and cooling systems.


There have always been the concepts of drawing the curtains on an evening to keep out the cold, and this has unsurprisingly translated into those homes which utilise blinds. However, there have been product advancements as well – and this is the real way in which blinds have increased the green phenomenon.

One could suggest that motorized blinds have done their part, with the ability to dictate just when natural light (and ultimately solar rays) is allowed into the house an obvious benefit. Even though these appear to be the most advanced, there are even bigger green benefits on offer to homeowners.

Another arrives in the form of insulated shades. It’s here where huge eco benefits can be had, with these shades coming in a honeycomb design which prevents heat escaping from a property. Some companies release insulated cells which are double thickness, with this obviously enhancing the effect.

The industry hasn’t just adapted to cold temperatures though. Products have also been released which aim to aid those houses which are situated in much hotter climates. Solar shades are probably the best example this time and as the name suggests, these have been released with the goal of blocking out solar rays and reducing our reliance on air conditioning systems. Of course, we’ve had blackout blinds that have been able to do this for many a year. However, the big benefit comes through the fact that while the blinds can lock out solar rays and the heat they transmit, they also allow some natural light to seep through. It gives a best of both worlds approach.


If we return to the topic of the construction industry, some of these products have allowed architects and designers a little more flexibility. For example, roof windows would have just been asking for a property to be baked during the summer months – as few people were able to invest in treatments due to the inaccessible nature of the windows. Now, through motorized blinds and even solar shades, they can be installed with the knowledge that temperature can finally be controlled.

Considering some of the above advancements, one can only assume that technology in the blinds industry is going to continue to advance at lightning pace. This should prompt even more green benefits, and maybe have more of an indirect effect for the construction industry as we’ve just touched upon as well.

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