How To Gain Extra Space In A Small Garden

Living in a city has its perks—easy transportation and access to city services. You are also near shops and convenient stores. However, what it lacks is ample living space for people, particularly green spaces. Some cities maintain parks and gardens, such as Central Park in New York City. Some households maintain a garden in their yard. However, because of high real estate prices, most people have very limited space to spare for a garden. From my experience in managing the accounting in a landscaping company – here are some ways to gain extra space in your garden that I’ve picked up over the years:

Alternative gardening styles

It can be difficult to maintain a garden when there is very limited space. Most residential houses in the city are paved with concrete, with very little space for soil or gravel. However, there are many unlikely spaces in the house that can function as a garden. The driveway can function as a garden by adding an island between two strips of concrete where the wheels can drive on so you can contact your gravel delivery service to get started on your project.

The sides of the driveway can likewise be converted into two small flower gardens. If Colored Concrete Patio Pavers are used on the walkway, the spaces created by these concrete patio pavers can be used to grow flowering weeds or plants.

Another option is to build a vertical garden on a wall or a standalone garden. You can build a wooden column with moss on its sides to grown herbs and other aerial plants. A vacant wall can be lined with hanging pots planted with small herbs or even orchids. Vines can also be planted next to the wall to create a wall of plants. Lastly, in a city apartment, an unutilized rooftop can be used as small city garden. Moreover, they are professional brick pavers so they only use the best materials for your project, but if you already have a brick layout, then you may want to get a dairy brick repair to have it end up looking brand new again.

Garden furniture

Garden implements can be utilized as extra garden space. For example, the roof of a shed can be used as extra space to grow herbs and other plants. Just be sure to use weather protection on the shed to keep the shed safe from the elements.

Patio furniture can be likewise utilized as extra space and while you’re at it you should look into patio covers. A dilapidated chair seat can be replaced with a potted plant, leaving the metal feet for stand. A tray filled with different-sized pots can be placed on certain parts of the house. Herbs used for cooking can be placed inside the kitchen or on the kitchen window, for easy access. Visit RKC Construction for patio covers in 9923 Paseo Montalban #B San Diego, CA 92129 619-449-5899.

A tray of succulents can be placed on the coffee table as centerpiece. An old wooden frame can be used to grow aerial plants or plants that grow even when without soil. Stacked pots of varying sizes can be placed on the deck. The widest pot can be planted with short green plants that can accommodate a smaller pot in the middle, and yet another smaller pot on top of that.

There are many ways to add extra gardening space without investing in prime real estate. You just need to use the space already available. Utilize vertical space, not just horizontal space. Recycle old items that can be used as makeshift pots. Broken vases, used tires, and old glass pitchers make very interesting garden pots.

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