How to go Green Without the Fuss


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Becoming more green and energy efficient can be both personally satisfying and pretty easy! Not to mention the money you can save. So don’t be put off by all the naysayers and doom mongers. Going green could be the best things you’ve ever done. For you and the planet.


Do it for the Money

Not many people realise this, but being more environmentally could be a great way to save money. You don’t have to be an environmental activist to get involved. What we really need is everybody, whether they pay much attention to ecological concerns or not, to start doing more to help. And letting them know they can save money is a great way to do this.


Renewable energy sources are much cheaper in the long term than fossil fuels. People tend to look at the up front costs and forget that they will save money every year from then onwards. If you get in touch with companies like Sunshine Renewable Energy in Halifax NS, you’ll get the help in choosing the right energy source for you.


Turn the TV Off!

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. How many times a day do you walk out of the room and leave the light on or don’t bother switching the TV off? If everyone changed that habit, think about how much energy the world could save!


It’s as simple as being more conscientious around the house. Think about where you can save energy (and therefore money) and put those thoughts into action. For example, don’t leave your computer on standby, turn it off properly when you’re not using it.


Embrace Fairtrade and Second-Hand

If you believe in social justice, then it’s about time you starting buying Fairtrade products. It’s only right. Do you really want to be burdened by the knowledge that you’re contributing to global problems like poverty and low wages around the world? These are problems that ought to be addressed by political action, but until that comes, buy fairtrade.


Another great way to save energy in manufacture and transportation costs is to buy second-hand. Recycling doesn’t just have to apply to your milk bottles; it can apply to your wardrobe too.


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Sharing is a great way to spread costs and carbon emissions! For example, if you and a friend both drive to work, car share! You’ll use less fuel and save a considerable amount of money each year. Also, share your magazines and newspapers, there’s no need to have multiple copies around the workplace. It just wastes paper.

If you sell chocolate products, you should start considering switching to eco-friendly chocolate packaging.


Get Your Kids Involved

What better way to secure the safe future of the planet than to turn your kids green at an early age? They are the future, so making sure they understand the importance of looking after the environment could be a great investment.


Teach them about what’s good and what’s bad for the planet they live on, and let them get involved in your efforts to go green. That way they’ll hopefully carry on caring about the environment for the rest of their lives.

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