How to Make Your Move a Green Move

According to sites like EZ Augusta Junk Removal |, Over time we as a society have become more socially aware of how small changes we make in our everyday lives can positively affect the environment. Switching the type light bulbs we use, unplugging appliances or simply recycling are just a few basic ways to be more environmentally friendly without even trying.

Moving is the perfect example of an event in which people can reduce, reuse and recycle without even thinking about it. Even the process of repainting your home can introduce toxins if the painter you hire uses paints high in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Here are a few basic tips to help make your next move a green one.


Give Away Everything You Don’t Want or Need

Moving is a tedious task that very few people enjoy, but all people must go through at some point in their lives. The last thing you want to do is to give yourself more work than is necessary. Before you start packing, make an effort to sort out anything you don’t need to take with you. Things such as ratty old couches, damaged coffee tables and old appliances and electronics come to mind. Once you have everything not coming with you sorted out, call a professional junk remover to come and haul away all of your unneeded junk. Most junk removal companies utilize numerous methods to reduce landfill which will further lessen the damage to Mother Earth.

Hire a Moving Service

A lot of people will try to cut down on costs by asking a friend to borrow their pickup truck and making numerous trips back and forth. However, ADT demenagement says, when you look at the amount of time you spend doing that along with the money you are spending on gas for these trips, is it really worth it? Instead, help cut down on air pollution by hiring movers and using penske truck rental services. Instead of making countless trips between places, residential movers will cut that down to one drive and do all of the heavy lifting for you. This makes this both a greener move and less physically draining one. A win-win situation.

Take Advantage of Reusable Bins

Using a ton of cardboard boxes and throwing them away after getting one use out of them is an enormous waste. While moving it would be in your best interest to utilize reusable storage alternatives, Good Ideas also creates eco-friendly home and outdoor products. One thing you can start with is investing in some large plastic storage bins. Or if you don’t feel like going out and spending money on some of your own, ask around and see if you have a friend willing to lend you some they aren’t using. Another tip is to remove any and all drawers from your dressers or nightstands and utilize them as boxes. Also make sure to take full advantage of any and all suitcases, backpacks and duffle bags you have lying around.

Use Everyday Things For Packing Purposes

One of the biggest wastes seen in almost every move is the over usage of paper and packing peanuts. There is basically no use for any of this after you complete your move. So all of this will typically be thrown away, never to be thought of again. You can cut down on this by some simple planning ahead of time. Start by gathering together any old newspapers, magazines and wrapping paper you can find and give them a new purpose. If you still need more packing materials, wrap plates, glasses and other fragile objects in old shirts, towels and bed sheets.

Recycle Everything At The End

When you have moved all of your possessions to your new place, take a look and carefully evaluate everything. Think about all the things that you can possibly repurpose and everything you could donate to somebody in need. For example, if you insisted on utilizing cardboard boxes, these can usually last you more than one move. Do what you can to salvage as many of these boxes as you can for your next move or for a friend who will be moving in the future. And don’t stop there. Whether it’s old toys, clothes or any other small junk items lying around, you’ll find that most things are much better used for something else or by somebody else rather than simply being thrown away. A responsible trash removal company will donate and divert everything they can from landfills. When you decide to buy new toys for your kids, make sure to visit Mamonlineshop and read some reviews first.

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