How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Space is so important nowadays, especially when it comes to our living space. Needless to say, we can’t all have the amount of space that we need, and so most of us make do with the available space we have. This is especially true for our bathrooms.

If you have a small bathroom, you can still find ways to enhance its size and make it look bigger with the help of a bathroom remodeling contractor. Following are a few useful tips on how to make your small bathroom look larger than it really is.


Make use of mirrors

You may have heard of mirrors as an ideal design element to make any space look larger. The same is true for bathroom remodeling as well. You can start by placing a large wall-mounted mirror above your bathroom basin. This can make a big difference as the mirror will reflect the light coming in and enhance your bathroom’s colours and patterns. You can also install vanities from bathroom vanities in NewMarket to give your bathroom an edge. You can also opt for a collection of small mirrors placed strategically on your bathroom walls for a more creative, artistic look.

Your bathroom’s walls and flooring

Your bathroom’s walls and flooring can also make a difference. In order to make your bathroom appear larger, choose light-coloured flooring or tiling, such as cream or beige. Look for some shell stone tile for sale to have an elegant bathroom flooring. If you cannot replace your bathroom’s flooring, however, you can choose to cover it up with a large, light-coloured bath mat or rug. 

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For your bathroom’s walls, choose a light colour as well, such as cream, white, light yellow, or other neutral colour. This can instantly open up your bathroom and give it the illusion of a bigger space.

Larger accessories

The decorative elements of the bathroom can also be used to make the space look bigger. If your bathroom has too much clutter, for instance, then it will instantly look smaller. Make use of one large wool kilim rug for the floor instead of a number of small ones. For decoration, choose one decorative element (such as a picture in a frame) rather than different small decorative pieces. If you can store bathroom essentials (such as towels, toilet paper, and the like) in a different storage area from the bathroom, then do so.

You can also spend time organising your bathroom so that you can avoid clutter altogether. If any toiletries are not being used, then store them or throw them away.

Visual barriers

You can also create the illusion of space by removing any visual obstacles or barriers in your bathroom. If you have frosted glass in your bath or shower enclosure, replace it with a clear panel instead or you can remove the glass altogether and simply set up a curtain which can be pulled back when it’s not being used. This way, your eye will be drawn to the back wall of the bathroom without any visual impediments.

Having a larger bathroom does not have to be a pipe dream. You can recreate your small bathroom and enhance the available space with a few unique touches. Of course, refurbishing your bathroom is also a good idea. If you are thinking of improving your bathroom space, check out the bathroom accessories and other bathroom essentials available at

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