How to Transform Your Bathroom and Make it More Functional

Having just the right elements in our bathrooms is a priority for most of us. The bathroom is, after all, the place in our homes where we can take care of all our hygiene and grooming tasks and needs. So if you have a bathroom but you have a feeling that whatever is in there can be improved, you may be right – and a bath remodeling project might just be the one for you. You can always have a more functional bathroom with a few simple changes like installing custom glass shower doors with the help of a glass cutting company that need not be too expensive, effortful, or time-consuming as well.

Choose the right accessories

Whilst it’s already a given to choose the right fixtures and showers and the like for our bathrooms, we tend not to focus too much on our bathroom accessories. By accessories, we mean things like towel racks, clothing hooks, the right lighting, and even shelves or cupboards. You have to consider the functionality of your bathroom and the right use of space, and this is especially true if you have a small bathroom. Towel racks and hooks for clothing (which you can easily install behind your bathroom door) are an essential addition to any bathroom as it allows you to neatly store your towels and other pieces of clothing and keep your bathroom more organised and look better as well.

The lighting is also an important element or accessory, as you would want to have light that is strong enough for performing meticulous tasks such as shaving or applying makeup, but light that is also warm and relaxing enough when you are taking a nice, long shower or bath. For this, you can install several light fixtures, such as a bright overhead one and a couple of wall sconces, for instance. You also have to make sure to have enough storage space in your bathroom for essentials such as toiletries. For this, you can make use of a mirror cabinet or cupboard (particularly useful for smaller spaces), or install shelving on the bathroom walls.


Choose the right baths, showers, and other bathroom fixtures

As mentioned above, you also have to pay attention to the quality and functionality of your chosen bathroom elements such as showers, baths, and fixtures such as taps. Whilst it is tempting to simply go for the ‘standard’ baths or showers, why not make your bathroom more functional (and aesthetically pleasing as well) with a better shower such as a steam shower or shower cabins? Steam showers and cabins today, such as those available from, are equipped with all the right features you need to have a more functional bathroom, from built-in radios with USB and Bluetooth capabilities to aromatherapy features that allow you to add your favourite oils whilst taking a well-deserved steam shower. Plus, having a steam shower is a great way for you to relax your mind and body especially if you are feeling stressed or anxious.

You should also consider an accessible bathtub installation if you have elderly family members in the house. Walk-in tubs from Bordner Home Improvement company are also safe and convenient option for the elderly or those with limited mobility. If you are interested to add a hot tub or sauna, a hot tub electrician in Lacey, WA is an expert to consider.

You can also make your bathroom more functional with the addition of high quality taps and basins – ones that are sure to last for a long time and are more durable and attractive as well. Not only are these elements a good investment because they are more functional – they are also less likely to need repair or break down after just a short time.

With the right bathroom remodeling plan along with the addition of the right elements and accessories, you can easily make your bathroom more functional than ever, increasing its value and enhancing the use of the available space. And if your bathroom is more organised and more aesthetically pleasing and functional, you will have another place in your home where you can relax and which will give you even greater satisfaction.

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