How to Treat Your Shed to Beat the Winter

These days sheds (like the sheds townsville) come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials and perform a range of different takes in our gardens. They either assume the role of a solid, secure storage unit for all of our outdoor possessions, sometimes they’re a workshop for us to maintain and repair things in and they can even take on the role of an outdoor entertainment area in the case of log cabins which can be used to house a fridge, seating and music systems for the summer when you want to be outside as much as possible. You can save a small fortune by opting for solar festoon lights to light up the garden this winter. Many would even purchase log cabins for sale outside the city and make them their holiday or vacation homes.


For a lot of homeowners, the shed is just a place to store tools and furniture. You buy your sheds or log cabins from or similar retailers, build it in the garden and then fill it and…that’s it. The problem with this is that in a few years time you end up having to tear it down and replacing it with the help of a shed builder because it’s either been ruined by the damp conditions or the harsh weather has caused the wood to crack or metal to rust, (depending on the model you choose of course).


In order to make your shed or log cabin last as long as possible, and to stay in the best condition most importantly, you need to ensure that you’re treating it regularly with the kind of products that are designed to keep the elements at bay. Sometimes it’s beyond your control, and with things like pests moving in you’ll have to call professional residential pest control services to take care of it fully. Exterminators at gets rid of all types of pest. At least if you’ve made the effort you’ll know you’ve done all you can to rule out having to splash the cash for a second time in a matter of years.


The first form is one of the most obvious, and that is wood stain. You can buy this in a tin, similar to a paint can, and you just brush it onto your wooden shed lightly. It will give the wood a slightly different colour depending on the kind of stain you buy – you can buy clear products but others are coloured – but it will also work to keep the wood in prime condition and cover up any defects caused by heavy rain or even sun-bleaching.


Varnish is another really useful product which is designed in a similar way to wood stain in which you paint it on, but it then has the capabilities to keep water out of the wood. This is one of the best methods in extending the lifespan of your shed, but ensure that you apply it whilst wearing gloves and protective overalls as it can ruin your clothes.


There are also a variety of different metal stains on the market but these are more specialist. They are aimed at preventing the weather from causing the metal to rust which has the ability to compromise not only the looks of your shed, but the security too.

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