Incredible Indoor Plant Ideas

Although many businesses don’t take the time to ‘decorate for success,’ it can be a critical deal breaker if office décor isn’t visually pleasing. Clients are continually entering the premises and if you want to give off the aura of being successful, it is essential that you provide an atmosphere that is inviting yet organised and clutter-free.

It doesn’t take much to add a touch of beauty to your office and with a little help from Mother Nature, you can provide a breath of sunshine for all who enter. Here are some incredible indoor plant ideas that every office should consider. Learn more about hiring indoor plants for your office to give that extra something so desperately needed and the best thing is that you don’t even need to have a green thumb! Hired plants come fully grown which makes them ideal for use in an office setting.


Photo by jjprojects

Greenwalls – Insanely Beautiful Space Dividers

Many offices use those conventional space dividers to separate areas where office staff work. The typical room divider stands on legs and looks like a vertical carpet, devoid of any character whatsoever. Have you considered having planted walls to be used in its stead? These are lovely vertical gardens that hold a literal wall of plants. Colour coordinating pots and amazing plants not only add beauty but are also great for the air. Taking care of them isn’t too big an issue either, as you can get products like Smart Release Plant Food to make sure they grow healthy and live long. Your clients who have gone over to green living will certainly be impressed.

Tambour Displays in the Absence of Desk or Shelving Space

There may be times when you know that a touch of nature will add the beauty you are looking for but don’t have shelf, desk or table space to hold a pot. What about a tambour which can also be used to divide space up nicely but more like a half-wall? Many offices use these to add a touch of colour whilst finding a practical way to arrange furniture.

On one side may be a small table with a chair or two and the other side may be lined with reception chairs. However, the focal point is the beautiful plants atop the tambour so it draws attention away from the fact that it is used as a sort of divider. These can be hired and plants can be changed seasonally or as the whim strikes you.

Seasonal Décor the Easy Way

Speaking of seasonally changing plants, many offices find it difficult to change their decorations as the season changes. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate decorating and when that needs to be done at least four times a year, not counting major holidays such as Easter, it could be a major fiasco. Hired plants are one easy solution to seasonal decorations and the beauty is that you only need to browse a few pictures to find those that would work well in your setting.

Remember, if you want to add a touch of ‘success’ to your office, the décor you choose has a huge impact on the image you put forth. Hired plants are always fresh, can be added as functional as well as decorative elements and always bring a bit of nature into any office setting.

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