Kansas City Prefab Home: A Green Gem in the Heartland


As a native of Kansas City you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn about the new green prefab achievement in my home town.  I learned about it from one of my favorite publications, Natural Home.  They did a wonderful feature on the house, which you can read in its entirety here.

The 1,200 square feet house is a two-bedroom, one-bath home (remember in the eco-sphere small is good!) and is perched on stilts atop a hill. It has a wonderful view of downtown.  It was designed by architecture students from the University of Kansas (KU), who are part of a program that focuses on sustainable and affordable design.   It’s an excellent example of affordable, green design.

The home was built in six modular units in nearby Lawrence, Kansas. Then they trucked 40 miles to Kansas City and assembled.  The house was designed and built over five months by the KU students.  The owners paid around $150,000 for the house.

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