Lovely Décor Tips For A White Kitchen

Most interior designers and real estate agents will tell you that the most important room in a home is the kitchen. Unfortunately, this is also a room that is often neglected. That is especially the case when renovation projects are started, mainly because many of the kitchen remodeling projects can be quite expensive.

In many cases the homeowner is mostly interested in the functionality of the kitchen. This is obviously very important but décor should never be neglected. No matter why you want to make modifications, décor is something you do want to take into account. If you are thinking: “sell my house fast St Louis” or just “make my home more attractive”, here are some suggestions you want to remember.

Choose The Appropriate White

A white kitchen is something that always looks majestic but you do want to be sure you get the right white. What is the perfect white for your kitchen? Should you consider ivory or pure white?

Think about the look that will be achieved with the color shade you choose. If the kitchen should be simple, pure white is the shade that you want to always look at. If your goal is to get some modern vibes added, off white or ivory shade can be recommended. There are a plethora of quartz countertop or granite countertops that can fit well into your white kitchen design.

Cabinetry Focus

As soon as you enter your kitchen, you notice the cabinets. Sometimes you do this before you see the walls. Choosing the appropriate cabinets and properly taking care of them can easily make the kitchen look incredible. Whether you’re taking a stab at cooking for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, culinary success can be found using a simple recipe. That’s why a well-made knife set makes all the difference. At Vie Belles has the best Santoku knives for you!

According to kingstoncabinetry, when you opt for a white kitchen, cabinets have to be a point of focus for your overall design choices, especially if you are planning to have a Cabinetry Remodel for your kitchen. Stark kitchen cabinets that are white are normally preferred. However, you may want to avoid monotony so seriously consider some darker cabinet accents. You can add these on handles and doors for a sleek upgraded design.

If you stack plates, bowls, drinking glasses and other utensils in the cabinets make sure they’re neatly arranged. You can use flour sack towels to dry these dishes before piling them in the drawer or cabinet.

Try To Create Contrast

White is bringing in monotony so style can easily end up not being seen when you add too much white. With the addition of wall decorations, like porcelain signs or paintings, you can add a classic color pop to your kitchen. This is why you want to be sure you are careful and you look for opportunities to add contrast. Dark countertops, for instance, are a great option that can be considered. If you want something functional and safe, you can choose granite countertops, although maple top and hardwood are also wonderful kitchen choices. To learn more about granite countertops visit

Use A Dramatic Floor

Another great way to remove the monotonous nature of an all-white kitchen is to mix it up with the chosen hardwood flooring. Think what choice would add the most drama on the kitchen floor to make something really special. In most situations this means adding terracotta or wood for a great visual effect.

Camouflaging Appliances

Last but not least, it is normal to think about some of your appliances. Camouflage them through built-in design whenever possible. That Neon Mama personalized neon signs does add a great functional and modern vibe to the overall décor. At the same time, it makes the kitchen look as if there is much less clutter than what is actually present. Fortunately, there are so many creative ways in which kitchen appliances can be camouflaged so you will never have to worry about that.

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