Moving? Not Without These Essentials!

Every time someone is unprepared for a move into their townhome rental, the tooth fairy kills a kitten. (Or a puppy, depending on your preference). Not really, but maybe you should act like it.

I’m that one friend who feels really guilty if he dodges a friend’s move. Even a move that another friend’s friend is doing, and my friend doesn’t want to do it alone. I’m like the unicorn of friends in that respect – but not if you’re ignorant about your moving day. No way, no how. 

I once walked into a place and my supposed friend hadn’t even unplugged the light to his fish tank, and then he proceeded to sit on his smart phone all day trying to look busy. I know he did it all day because I was in the bathroom reading the paper for the exact equal amount of time while his lady friend tore a strip out of him. Then his smart phone became a way to dodge her glares, so he kept looking down.

In the end, we didn’t need to move the fish tank because his girlfriend made sure his phone was laying on the bottom of it long enough to somehow kill Bird, his 6 month old angel fish.

In a nutshell: If you’re going to move, do yourself, your phone contract, and your loyal friends a favour and be prepared. If all of these sound like it’s a hassle and you’d rather grab a pint at the pub and let someone else do it, long distance movers will always be available to help you like the ones from removals Peterborough by Reads Removals.


How to be prepared? Well I am glad you asked. Most of this stuff is available from your truck rental company or moving company, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Have a Tape Gun

Not a lonely roll of tape, but a minimum of 4 rolls of tape and a tape gun. It’s your stuff, and I imagine you don’t want to be picking up the Queen Elizabeth porcelain plate collection your Aunt Faye left you in her will off the side of the street. Double and triple seal your boxes.

Have a Box Cutter

Unless you’re one of those people who never really unpacks when they move and live like a weirdo hoarder, you’ll be needing a box cutter. Especially considering you likely just took my advice and triple sealed your boxes up like Fort Knox. To avoid all this work you might want to consider Sky Van Lines, they are reliable and professional movers who will help you for a fare price.

Have a Tape Measure

You know what the worst part of moving is? Climbing stairs with a giant piece of furniture or an appliance only to have to take it back down the stairs again because some knuckle head didn’t measure the doors, halls, passageways, and ceiling heights. Don’t be a knucklehead. Bring a tape measure or request one when you hire your moving service at

Have All of Your Important Documents in One Place

This one’s always over-looked. You got a pet? Great. Bring vet papers and make sure everything is up to date because if a new neighbor meets Sparky and is freaked out, bitten, whatever –Sparky could be on the meat wagon within the hour. Being able to prove your animal has all its shots is very important. Just ask my dog Flash. You can also give your furry friend the best cbd oil for dogs to stop its aggressive behavior towards other people.

In addition to this, bring passports, driver’s licenses, insurance, you name it. Bring it all in one easy to access folder. You never know, and realistically, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. If you don’t have any reliable insurance yet, then you can trust that you can get an excellent one from bear river insurance.

Have a Case of Beer

Friends don’t charge friends money for helping them move. They drink all your beer. Save it for when it’s over though, think of Aunt Faye’s plate collection again.

Chill Out, Moving Day Doesn't Have to Be Horrible –As Long As You Have These Essentials

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